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Why upgrade to Easy Redmine?

Get perfect control over your projects

Managing resources, teams, deadlines or project budgets will be easy with all the professional Redmine features.

Deliver your projects faster

With features for all project phases you can get your projects done from start-to-end smoothly.

Enjoy time working on projects

Easy Redmine is designed in modern interface that everyone likes to work more than in basic Redmine open-source.

Server or Cloud – it's up to you

Use it on your server or upgrade to cloud – 10+ locations worlwide ensure fast response and performance.

All most wanted Redmine features in one plugin

Easy Redmine gives you the 6 most favorite features in Redmine community.

Gantt Chart

Checklists & To-Do List

Time Tracking

Calendar & Scheduler

Dashboards & Templates

Graphs & Charts

Moreover, you get access to 25+ advanced plugins

Resource management

Agile development


Help Desk

Project budgets & finances

WBS mindmaps

How it works?

Will I lose my Redmine data?

No, going from Redmine to Easy Redmine is effortless – all your data stay in place.

Can I stay on my own server?

Sure, you can install Easy Redmine on your server. Or you can use our fast cloud with 10+ geo locations worldwide.

Is it compatible with my version?

Yes, you can upgrade to Easy Redmine from all Redmine versions, including the latest Redmine 4.

What customers think about Easy Redmine

David R. Grow testifies to Easy Redmine

David R. Grow

Manager, Compliance Services
CompliancePoint, Inc.

"Easy Redmine has allowed us to take control of our projects, become more efficient and have insight into projects that we haven’t had in the past.  The support staff at Easy Redmine have assisted us in developing ways to meet our unique business needs."  

Vladimir Zarov testifies to Easy Redmine

Vladimir Zharov

Senior Consultant
Awara IT Solutions, Russia

"Easy Redmine met our needs out of the box. The product is feature rich and the price is low compared to products with similar features. We are satisfied with the performance of the product and would not hesitate to choose it again."

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