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What Does Redmine HelpDesk by Easy Look Like?

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What Do Users Say about Easy Redmine HelpDesk?


"We adopted Easy Redmine six months ago in order to control all of our web projects. 
We are very happy as we now have a complete overview in terms of control of costs and staffing resources and we also have a powerful tool for interaction with our customers."

Cyril Lécot testifies to Easy Redmine


Advanced Features of Redmine Helpdesk 2016 by Easy

HelpDesk 2016 Dashboard

Management and assignment of tickets have never been easier! With new helpdesk dashboard you can efficiently handle your ticket and available resources.

There is no need to open every ticket and create update for assignment of responsibilities. You can just preview your tickets at the ticket pool provided by HelpDesk dashboard to identify the resources need to the given problem. To assign a specific ticket to a certain worker or to a special group of ticket simply drag that ticket to one of your “easy buttons”.

What are easy buttons? They are fully customizable buttons that you will find on the HelpDesk dashboard and other plugins of Easy Redmine. Create and adjust them in settings, and use them to drag and drop your tickets to a specific person, category, ticket type, etc.

What is the overall benefit? Easy manipulation of tickets without the need to leave the main dashboard, thus providing convenient and efficient way of managing your HelpDesk.

Redmine HelpDesk 2016 Dashboard

Kanban for Redmine HelpDesk

HelpDesk Kanban ticket management from Easy Redmine is the ultimate tool for easier and more organized ticket processing.

HelpDesk backlog gives you a comprehensive overview of the statuses of the tickets and a nice visualization of the current state of progress. The helpdesk Kanban ticket statuses are customizable, thus you can either select from the list of existing statuses or create your own.

Redmine HelpDesk 2016 Kanban

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HelpDesk Project Overview

Would like to have clear overview of your support clients? HelpDesk Project feature can help you with that! Project overview allows you to set and observe the number of contract hours according to SLA, the number of hours that has been already worked and the remaining hours.

In addition to that it provides with color coding for each project, which gives you with a nice visual representation of the current statuses of projects. Furthermore, you can easily categories your projects, for example of the basis of the importance of particular customer or the level of services provided.

Redmine HelpDesk 2016 Project Overview

Statistics for HelpDesk Control

Tracking performance of you HelpDesk have never been easier. Thanks to the statistics feature you can get a quick overview of your support service performance.

HelpDesk Statistics are incredibly customizable. For example: you can view performance by users, which shows you the number of closed tickets by a specific person, or by ticket status. You can view and compare statistics for different time period, allowing for a good cross sectional analysis of HelpDesk performance.

All of these can be under your fingertips with the new HelpDesk Statistics feature by Easy Redmine.

Redmine HelpDesk2016 Statistics

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Complex Settings for Redmine HelpDesk


Using complex settings you can customize various parts of your HelpDesk. For example, you can create email templates for auto-replies and corporate logos and signatures. You can also configure you projects for automatic ticket assignment and set specify SLAs. To help you with installation and management of your HelpDesk 2016, we have created an easy to follow manual. There you can find explanation of all the settings and detailed description of the terms used in the HelpDesk by Easy Redmine. Follow the steps of our complex Redmine HelpDesk cookbook to get your HelpDesk up and running in no time

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What actually is Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine is an Open Source software for complex project management with extensions for resources, finance and customer management. In the cloud or on your own server, all comes with professional implementation and support.

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Training Program “Project Management in Practice” (International Standard IPMA)
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