New powerful Gantt chart in the new Redmine upgrade

Meet new Easy Redmine 10.6 and enjoy all the most wanted project features in one Redmine upgrade.

Easy Redmine is a modern Redmine platform trusted by 3.000+ businesses globally.

Cloud or Server Solutions
+25 Professional Plugins
Agile & Waterfall
Complete Integrations

Easy to set up

Redmine set-up is easy thanks to predefined roles & dashboards.


Dashboards, advanced settings, and templates make customizations easy.

Quick & secure

Global cloud and server solutions ensure the best performance.


Enhanced API, XML & XLSx imports and Zapier make integration easy.

Why upgrade to Easy Redmine 10.6?

You'll plan, work, and manage better with the New Gantt chart, new Resource management with Reports, and even better UX.

Plus you get access to more than 25 professional business plugins for Agile, Project Finances, Risk Management, Help Desk, CRM, DevOps, and more.

New features released in this version include:

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Easy Redmine 10.6 introduces powerful improvements for your work:

More Comfort And Control With New Powerful Gantt Chart

You can now easily drag-and-drop the operational elements as a start and due date, progress or relation creation. Separating tasks from each other becomes easier thanks to rounded edges. Plus you can trace the higher levels of each task better with the newly added navigational lines.

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Better Control Over Your Resources With Resource Reports

Resource report is a complement of Resource management and is available on any customizable page (you will find it under the Users section). As a new page module it brings you Contingency table listing of users and their allocated hours and Stacked charts. Like this working with Resources becomes more visual and helps you see and therefore plan better.

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Notable Time-saving With Game Changing Built-In Roles

To simplify the administration of key users, who need to be part of each and every project (e.g. top management or HR), you can now simply add specific users across-the-board automatically to every project. Time consuming manual setting is a past. Users with Built-In role will be shown in a separate section.

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Coworkers Search In New Task Form

Search and immediately add coworkers to the new task at the very same time you create it. Just start typing your coworker's name into the search bar and you will easily find and add the ones you need.

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Clearer, Faster And More Intuitive DMS

This new drag-and-drop replacement function allows you to see the structure of your visible projects and their DMS file structures.

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Quicker Searching in Administration With The Quick Search

The newly added Quick Search simply makes your searching faster. It looks through Menu items in Administration, Plugin configuration pages, Sections in Global settings, Particular settings within Global Settings and Settings of advanced features.

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Power of Open Source

Easy Redmine has grown from the Redmine community and has been developed to perfection for over 10 years by a dedicated team of Easy Software engineers. Our goal is to make Easy Redmine the best Open Source solution for project management.

An important sum-up before you decide to upgrade

Easy Redmine 10.6 simply represents a combination of new mobile design with the most wanted Redmine plugins & features in one complete and extensible upgrade.

With upgrading to Easy Redmine 10.6, you will enjoy managing your projects more and benefit from new powerful Gantt chart, Resource management with Reports, and better UX.

It is further extensible with plugins for Resources, Agile, Finances, CRM, Help Desk and newly also DevOps

Easy Redmine 10.6 for server

Upgrade Redmine on your server for higher user satisfaction and efficient classic & agile management.

Easy Redmine 10.6 in cloud

Global Easy Redmine cloud is the best option for your upgrade. Get the most advanced Redmine instantly in a global & secure cloud.

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