Easy Redmine Optimization Service

Achieve maximum efficiency of your Easy Redmine.

You simply save a lot of time & get the most of your Easy Redmine.

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Optimization Service gives you:


Faster routine work

With Magic buttons you can manage your routine work 3x faster.

Time saving 50 %

Reduce your time on the tasks editing by about 50 %.

1-click actions

Learn to manage your most frequent actions within 1-2 clicks.

New features

Get familiar with new features that you might have overlooked .



What does Optimization Service include?

This package brings to existing customers consultations and actual resetting of Easy Redmine to achieve maximum efficiency in usage of Easy Redmine.

Users shall experience a reduction in time spent in the system for all workers and better data presentation in the existing system.

SCOPE: Scope may vary depending on actual customer usage and processes. Maximum hour donation in the package is 8 hours.


  • Review of general dashboards settings & graphical outputs of data
  • Optimization of frequent actions - to allow all actions in one/two clicks
  • Revision of filters and settings to improve system speed
  • Introduction of new features that you might have overlooked (doesn’t count to spent hours)
    • Task sequences
    • Virtual meetings
    • Magic buttons
    • Outlook integration 
    • Usage of built-in Dav servers and its clients across platforms


Request Optimization Service

and get it for a reduced price till the end of 2017

Redmine Help desk plugin


Users experience results such as:

Faster app
Reduction of time spent in the system for all workers
Better and more understandable data presentation
More tailor-fitted outputs
Ability to manage higher volume of projects/tasks
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You will be in good hands.

The Optimization Service is carried out by Easy Redmine professionals.


Stana is the most experienced project management consultant in our team, with close to 10 years of experience. She has experience with implementations in companies of all shapes and sizes. Stana has experience in academia, non-profits, and the business sector; possesses excellent analytical skills and has publications, including examinations of project management according to IPMA.


Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová - Redmine senior consultant

Alexander works as a sales representative in Easy since 2018. He used to work for Airbus in Toulouse/France in the HR department and then Cisco in Prague where he started in inside sales followed by building up the commercial market in Germany. After that, he had a short excursion to Oracle. His true hobby is eating and drinking and is also a big fan of "wine&dine", meaning he calms down with good wines and excellent food (hence he's a big fan of the Italian & French kitchen). Apart from that he also enjoys going hiking to the Alps in Austria and/or just relax & swim in the beautiful Austrian lakes.

Alexander Stöger - Easy Software

Martina has several years of experiences in customer services. She has worked in different companies in the IT and sales area in various countries. Her pro-client approach and open communication make it possible to find effective solutions to customer requirements. In Easyproject, she is enthusiast into WBS and Gantt.

Languages: SK, CZ, EN, DE

Martina Letavajová - Easy Software

Jan is our international management expert with a master's degree in the field. He specializes in manufacturing companies and has valuable experience in implementation of core project management features, visualization of data and setting of performance indicators. 

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Core project management & Data Visualization

Easy Redmine - Jan Řeřicha

Kateřina is sales director for international market.

Kateřina Kováč - Easy Software

Gabriela is our project management expert in engineering industries and software development. She has good knowledge about IPMA/PMI project management techniques and also she is very interested in agile methods. She likes to help clients with integrations of different software in their companies.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
Expert for plugins: Gantt, Resource management, WBS, imports, Help Desk
Expert for industry: architecture/construction, software development, education, government

Gabriela Hynková - Easy Software


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and get it for a reduced price till the end of 2017


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