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New project set-up + Templates in Easy Redmine

Learn how to assign users and modules to your projects, easily customize your project settings and use project templates.

How to upgrade Redmine to a new version

This video demostrates upgrade of an existing Easy Redmine to a new version. In this instance the gem is already installed on the server and can be used to upgrade any Redmine version.

Mailboxes for ticket creation - setting

Find out how to create and manage mailboxes for Help Desk in Easy Redmie. Set-up the ticket flow and automate Your help desk solution process.

Help Desk Dashboard tutorial

Learn how to operate and configure Easy Redmine Help Desk Dashboard. Assign tickets to team members, move tickets to different projects, change trackers and much more.

Help Desk Projects tutorial

Learn how to configure and operate the Help Desk projects in Easy Redmine. This video tutorial shows how to configure the whole Help Desk project.


Time Sheets plugin video

Learn how Easy Redmine Time sheet plugin basically works. This video tutorial shows you how to create new time sheets and manage them.

Alerts video tutorial

This video tutorial shows how to use Alerts - Early Warning plugin for Easy Redmine. New alerts, alert settings, alert evaluation.

Easy Redmine CRM video tutorial

Learn how to foster your sales using the Easy Redmine CRM plugin. This video tutorial shows you the management of CRM cases, statistics and CRM work-flow.

Help desk introduction

Learn how to manage customer care with Easy Redmine Help desk plugin. This video tutorial shows you help desk projects, SLA settings, e-mail templates and stats & tickets management.

Attendance Management tutorial

Learn how to track and plan work attendance using this Easy Redmine plugin. Attendance calendar, vacations approvals, attendance stats and plans. 

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