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Tracker Management

Watch and learn the basics of tracker management: how to create, set and delete trackers.

How to create and set task statuses?

Learn how to quickly create, edit and delete task statuses. You can set closure of tasks and status colour scheme. 

How to create milestones?

There are two basic ways to create milestones, both of which you can learn in this video tutorial!

How to set access for anonymous users?

You can easily create access to you HelpDesk for anonymous users. Simply follow this tutorial and make your HelpDesk project accessible for creation of tickets by anonymous users.

How to set attendance approval?

Thanks to Easy Redmine you can easily manage you subordinates' attendance and issue approvals. 

How to edit and share task files?

With Easy Redmine you can easily edit and share files related to a specific task.

How to update a task via email?

You can easily update a task using your email. Simply reply to an old task email on your mailbox with new updates and the task will be updated automatically.

This feature is available to use only with the Help desk plugin which can be purchased in the Client zone.

How to log time via email?

Loging time on the go can be easy if you can do it via your email. 


Easy Buttons

Easy action buttons are the fastest way of updating your tasks and tickets. Just drag selected task and drop it on Easy Button. And its automatically updated.

How to add a task relation?

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a task relation to new and already existing tasks.

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