Precise planning of projects is the core of Easy Redmine. Project templates allow you to initialize complex projects within minutes. A drag & drop smart Gantt chart helps plan project schedule with no effort. Quick Project Planner or Resource Management enables you to distribute workload equally among all workers.

Project templates save time and foster project delivery

Any existing project (with a team, tasks, milestones, documents, etc.) can be saved as a template. New projects can be then created from this template. Templates should evolve and improve as you gain experience in the project realization. Templates save a lot of time during project initialization and make project delivery seamless.

Gantt Chart enables precise planning of projects in time

Once the project is set from the template, a time plan should be created. This is done using the drag & drop Gantt Chart where you can easily move tasks and milestones on a timeline to set the start and due dates. You can also make relations between tasks. As you are finished with time planning, tasks and milestones are updated.

Gantt chart can be exported into a PDF and presented to your customers with a custom design.

Resource Management for workload balancing

Resource management shows you workload of people in time and enables managers to distribute the workload from new projects without interfering with tasks that are already assigned. Tasks are assigned or updated using a drag & drop feature. The week and month views of the Resource management feature help you with long-term planning. They simply show you your workers' workload in weeks or months and compare it with their capacity.

Quick Project Planner for ad-hoc projects 

If there is a project where a template cannot be used, a Quick Project Planner plugin is the solution. It allows you to create project tasks quickly in one table. You just enter task names, estimated time, due dates and the core of your project is ready. Afterwards, you just assign the tasks in the Quick Resource Management tool.

Project decomposition with WBS

Starting to assign tasks to your plan while skipping the structure of work decomposition may look tempting, but then you may be unpleasantly surprised when implementing this plan. Making time for the structure of work decomposition (or project decomposition) means being able to work efficiently throughout the project, from the initial phase to the closure.

Breakdown of a project is the key to organizing teamwork into smaller parts that can be better managed one by one. To do this, you only need one tool - WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).


Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that have already upgraded to Easy Redmine.

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