Easy Redmine is best suited for software companies. Agile Board is a great tool for agile development, Resource Management is suitable for management of bigger teams and more simultaneous projects where there are several project managers who share resources. Repositories integration allows precise code tracking and task trackers help with work management. 

Agile development

The agile board is a tool for those who use agile development (SCRUM, KANBAN). It is a project level feature with a project backlog and sprints. It is also drag & drop based.

Software repositories

Any project can be associated with a software repository - GIT, GitLab, SVN, Mercurial. There is a global and project configuration of the repository connection. Tasks can be updated using commits to repositories with reference to code changes.

Connect tasks with GIT source code management

Connect tasks with GIT source code management

Test cases

Test cases plugin is a great tool that helps with repetitive processes and testing stories/scenarios and is compatible with many testing methodologies. Test cases are especially useful for IT teams for more rigorous and systematic testing, as well as industrial companies. 

Release management

Project milestones is an excellent solution for management of releases. Features, bugs or tasks are assigned to particular milestones, i.e. versions, and this way you can easily manage items relevant to specific releases.


Implementation of Easy Redmine is smooth and easy - find out more in case studies of our customers that have already upgraded to Easy Redmine.

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