Every user, project or working team should have their own dashboards, which organizes daily work. The dashboards are fully customizable, allowing to add/remove modules from the list. Moreover, dashboard templates for basic roles are already prepared for you. Analogically, any existing dashboard (custom page) can be saved as a template in order to save time when creating a new dashboard.

Key features:

  • 3 types of dashboards: personal, project, general (customizable pages)
  • various personal modules: my tasks, task assigned to me, tasks I cooperate on, tasks according to projects, etc.
  • various project modules: project statistics, time spent meter, documents, tasks per project members, etc.
  • various general modules: team statistics, projects in delay, resource management, agile board, attendance, etc.
  • variety of graphical outputs (pie charts, line charts, gauge meters, lists, reports, calendars, etc.)
  • import and export feature of entire page templates
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