Easy Redmine Mobile

Easy to set up

Redmine set-up is easy thanks to predefined roles & dashboards.

Private customizations


Dashboards, advanced settings, and templates make customizations easy.

Global Cloud

Quick & secure

Global cloud and server solutions ensure the best performance.

Easy Integration


Enhanced API, XML & XLSx imports and Zapier make integration easy.


Easy Redmine 10 - designed for the users

Easy Redmine 10 brings new mobile design, Easy Gantt, project templates,
dashboards, chat, graphs & charts and much more. Enjoy project management like never before,
save your time, improve communication and overall user experience.


 It is extensible with...

Easy Resource Management Plugins

Resource Management Plugins

For visual resource planning across projects. It comes with statistics, competency management, and attendance. Easy view across all projects.  

Easy Agile Management Plugins

Agile Management Plugins

SCRUM, Kanban, mixed methodology and Test Cases - move your agile development forward.

Easy Finance Management

Finance Management

Extensions for complete financial management and reporting. Based on time reports, hourly rates and project budgets.

Easy B2B CRM


Complete CRM for B2B sales teams integrated with marketing automation, lead generation and e-commerce.

Easy Help Desk

Help Desk

Extension for internal & external support. It comes with comprehensive SLA settings, reporting, and an early warning system.

Easy Strategic Project Management

Strategic Project Management

Visual project maps and Knowledge Base for strategic project planning. Excellent tool for senior and c-level managers. 

Easy Aditional Plugins

Additional Plugins

Explore DMS - document management, calendar, time sheets and Redmine plugin generator. 


DevOps Plugins

New toolset of DevOps plugins integrates Requirements, Test Cases, Diagrams, Git CI and Git Lab hosting. 


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Most wanted Redmine features in 1 solution


Coming Soon

Redmine Invoicing System

Complete invoicing suitable for all countries and accounting system

Risk management

New Risk management plugin compatible with Risk methodology by IPMA/PMI

Jenkins integration

Complete integration to Jenkins for DevOps automation


Easy Redmine is an improved Redmine for complex project management and higher user satisfaction. Further it has plugins for resources, finance and customer management. Easy Redmine runs in the cloud or on your server and comes with professional implementation and support.


Easy Redmine 2016

This is a starting solution that has all the features as basic Redmine + many great improvements such as easy user interface for higher user satisfaction, graphs and charts for nice reporting, project templates & Quick Project Planner, Smart Gantt Chart for project managers and also much more for business owners.

improved user experience | time savings | better planning | improved communication


Resource Management

This is an Easy Redmine plugins package for professional and exact planning of work. Resource allocation and attendance makes your capacities 100% utilized.

improved planning | 100% workers utilization


Finance Management

This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins solving everything regarding project finance. In particular, it helps increase project profitability and financial monitoring & reporting.

higher profitability | smoother finance processing


Sales CRM

This Easy Redmine bundle for management of company leads and organisation of contacts using CRM and Contacts management.

great lead management support | boosted sales | easy invoicing


Help Desk

This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins that streamline all customer processes. Set your SLAs and provide your clients with top quality support.

great support | defined SLAs | easy ticket management


Agile Management

This Easy Redmine plugins for agile project management and testing scenarios with Kanban board and Test Cases.

successful sprints | tasks update using drag & drop


Strategic Planning

This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins for definition of company direction and nurturing of company knowledge using WBS, Earned Value Management and Knowledge Base.

complete project breakdown | easy value assessment


Additional Plugins

This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins for fostering project efficiency using DMS, Alerts, Meeting Calendar and more.

easy document management | well-organised meetings

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