Everybody can try and get to know Redmine using a 14 Day Free Easy Redmine Demo. The demo is full featured - all Easy Redmine plugins are installed and users have full control over it. The demo also contains demo data whose purpose is to show features in the right context. Easy Redmine Demo is the best way how to explore Redmine!

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Facts about Redmine demo by Easy:

  • the demo is backed up everyday and 14 backups are stored
  • the demo is running on an Easy Cloud which is located in:
    • France
    • Canada
  • data transfer is protected using SSL
  • users always get administrator accounts
  • all demo data can be erased here: /easy_demo/destroy
  • installed Easy Redmine plugins can be disabled here: /admin/manage_plugins
  • users are always notified before the demo is disabled
  • all data in the demo can be exported for the purposes of the server solution or seamlessly continue in the cloud solution
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