Hotfix released + change in version labeling

The bug with inability to remove relations between tasks in version 2016.01.01.1003 has been repaired and the new release is available in client zone. Along with this release, a new format of version labels is implemented.


As of 30. 3. 2016, Easy Redmine versions have a new format. This information is especially imporant for Redmine administrators, who communicate with support.

Let's explain it on the very latest release.

The new release would have been labeled as 2016.01.01.1005

The new release is labeled as 2016.01.05

What do the numbers mean?

  • Year - Generation
  • First number - major version. Contains added features in comparison to previous version (in this case the previous was 2016.00)
  • Second number - bug fixing release within the major version

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