How to work with Client zone

How to work with Client zone

To make communication with our support and overall management of Easy Redmine even easier, we created Client zone. Click on the Client zone link and then log in. If you don´t have or don´t remember your password, feel free to contact our support or use the Forgotten password link.

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Client zone interface

Here you can see everything you´ve bought

You can use it as a self service tool.

  • Change server solution to cloud solution and vice versa
  • Increase limit of users 
  • Update renewal
  • Download install package
  • change support level

Then there is various information

  • dates until which your support and updates are prepaid.
  • Implementation type
  • What plugins you own + possibility to buy new plugins.


Billing info overview

  • You are able to update this info, these changes will take effect in the invoices.


Password change

  • Here you can change password



  • through helpdesk, you can communicate with our support team.  
  • You can have an overview of what is happening with your ticket.
  • Your tickets are sorted out, so you can have a nice overview


Detail of support ticket

  • you can see who is dealing with your ticket
  • in what status is your ticket currently
  • what priority it has
  • when it was lastly updated
  • down is the complete history of the ticket.

You can also Update the ticket, and close the ticket.


Creating a new support ticket

Your ticket will land in our system and one of our agents will take care of it.

  • click on the new support ticket button and you will land on the page below
  • You can add subject, priority, description and add attachment


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