PDF themes


How to use PDF themes

PDF themes are kind of templates to be used when exporting data from Easy Redmine directly into a PDF file (via PDF icon). PDF themes cannot be used as export templates and vice versa. To create a new PDF theme, edit or delete the existing ones, go to More > Administration > PDF themes. If you have already created some PDF themes (you must have at least one default), you find them in the list including their basic attributes such as name, header style, logo and default value. Moreover, you can edit and delete them by clicking on the respective buttons on the right side from the list as shown below. To create a new template, just click on the green "New theme" button in the upper right corner.

Easy Redmine 2018 PDF themes 01.jpg

This is how it looks when you create a new PDF theme. The setting options are pretty easy. Just fill in the name of the theme, tick if it's the default theme (to be selected automatically by default), select the background color or input the color code, do the same with the text color and upload an image logo file should you want to. Then create the template by clicking on the respective button down on the page.

Easy Redmine 2018 PDF themes 02.jpg

Then whenever you see the below PDF icon among export options in Easy Redmine and click on it, the default theme will be selected to export the data into a PDF file. In this case however, only colors are taken, not the logo.


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