Removing Resource management 2014 (product discontinuation)

From version 2016.06, old Resource management (plugin easy_user_allocations) will no longer be distributed in packages from client zone. If you have this plugin installed, please carefully read the instructions below before installing version 2016.06. You have to manually uninstall this plugin.

Discontinuation of Resource management 2014 (easy_user_allocations) means that this plugin will not be distributed in update packages from client zone anymore. As explained in upgrading manual, you can not install an update package that is missing some plugins in comparison to your existing installed package. Such installation would corrupt your database and the application will not work properly.

Therefore, Easy Redmine server admins will actively have to uninstall and unmigrate the plugin from the current system, before any attempt to install the 2016.06 update.

Uninstallation procedure of easy_user_allocations is standard and quite simple:

  1. Back up your application and database
  2. Go to [REDMINE_ROOT]
  3. Run rake easyproject:uninstall:plugin RAILS_ENV=production NAME=easy_user_allocations
  4. Verify that the plugin folder was removed from [REDMINE_ROOT]/plugins/easyproject/easy_plugins folder
  5. Restart application server

Only after successfully completing these steps, you can proceed to install version 2016.06.

Uninstalling this plugin will also increase speed of your application because it removes some complicated background calculations conducted, for example, when saving task updates for example.

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