Redmine marketing automation

Automate your marketing and sales using Redmine-Mautic integration.

Mautic brings modern marketing automation solutions, enabling teams to create effective, personalized digital experiences that make visitors/user/customers more engaged with your project or brand.



Marketing automation is easy now

Boost your sales and marketing with mail campaigns triggered right from your Easy Redmine CRM. Increase sales efficiency with unified communication and profound lead-scoring. Connect web lead generation right to your Easy Redmine 2019 CRM with no effort.

Mautic is leading open-source marketing automation software and it is used by 100,000 organizations all over the world. And now integrated with Easy Redmine 2019.

It has an easy-to-use interface and it's fully integrated with Easy Redmine. Furthermore, it can be connected with hundreds of other 3rd party apps.

Key features:

  • Mautic mail campaigns triggered right from Easy Redmine CRM
  • Automatic mail campaigns in Mautic
  • Personal and managerial view with different permissions
  • Smart lead-scoring based on several properties
  • Unified sales and automated marketing communication right in the CRM
  • Integrated lead-generation right into the CRM and more


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What can Mautic Marketing Automation manage together with Redmine?


Lead Management

Get to know what and when are users doing on Your webpage, identify interest, educate them, give valuable content in right time and then turn them to Your customers...


Email Marketing

Send emails to leads and modify the communicat based on users interaction.


Social Media Marketing

Engage with Your leads through social media.



Build highly customizable conversion forms and thus amplify Your leads lists.



Build complex campaign based on users-behaviour.



Measure impact of Your actions and improve it to the perfection.


What Marketing Automation is?

= automation of marketing processes and online channels (such as social media, emails, forms, websites, etc.). The purpose of marketing automation is to streamline marketing and sales by replacing repetitive manual processes with automated ones. If automation is set up in a right way, it can save a huge amount of time and energy.


What does Mautic plugin look like?



Benefits of Mautic implementation together with Redmine:


  • Automation is competitive advantage - having automated online marketing processes can safe significant part of Your resources, therefore You are able to deliver more competitive product

  • Get to know who are Your customers - knowing Your customer allows personalised communication which is always more efficient than just mass communication

  • Easy to setup - really simple install and setup process

  • Open source solution - unlimited integrations and customizations

  • Free plan - Mautic Marketing Automation is FREE for Redmine users



How to install Mautic and connect with Redmine?


  1. Download Mautic -  get Mautic

  2. Install - follow instructions

  3. Set up - we recommend to take a Tour on Mautic website

  4. Analyse and impove - marketing automation is processes and need to be optimized according to results. Keep improving and performance of Your online channels is going to skyrocket!

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