New useful features of Easy Redmine

Length:2 minutes

Take a look at some of the new features of Easy Redmine and plugins added in the recent versions.

Resource management export

After multiple requests, we have implemented pdf and csv export feature for resource management. resources-export

Inline editing and context menu editing of custom fields

In addition to the previous possibility to change standard fields (assignee, due date,...) without need to go to task update, it is now also possible for task custom fields as well, which makes task tracking and minor updates even more convenient.

Faster task movement to another project

Context menu on task list now provides a quick way to move tasks to another project. If the target project has the same tracker and fields enabled as the moved task, the process will skip standard movement screen and the whole process will be done in two clicks without loading of different screens.

change-project-context-menu change-project-context-menu2

Quick project planner enhancement

It is possible to choose which fields can be shown directly on the quick planning grid. The setting is per project.


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