Keyboard Shortcuts in Easy Redmine

Length:1 minute

Did you know, you can use keyboard shortcuts in Easy Redmine to quicken your basic operations?

Alt + Shift + N: New task
If you are in a global screen, you can choose the project in new task form. If you are in a particular project, task will be created in the project.

Alt + Shift + A: Update task
Works on task detail.

Alt + Shift + S: Save update
Works when updating task.

Alt + Shift + F: Hide function bar (on the right side of some pages)
For example list of filters on task list.

Alt + Shift + R: Go to "jump to project"
When you want to quickly move to another project, use this shortcut and start typing project name.

As described, these shortcuts are functional from Easy Redmine version 1.4. Older versions - particularly ER 2013 - may have some restrictions.

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