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Easy Redmine drives projects in more than 1400 companies worldwide

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Project Management and Planning
All in One Place! 

Gantt Chart offers you a great variety of benefits like timely completion of projects and organization of tasks, but what about project delivery?

With EASY Redmine  you can get a complete management solution based on drag & drop Gantt Chart, which will help to both plan and deliver you projects!

Gantt Project Management by Easy Redmine

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What Is Actually Easy Redmine?


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 It is an Open Source software for complex project management based on Gantt Chart, WBS and Resource Management with extensions for Agile,  Finance and Customer management. In the cloud or on your own server, all comes with professional implementation and support. 

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What Benefits Project Managers Experience with EASY Redmine?



84percent Easy Redmine Ugrade

users recognize a significant increase in effficiency after implementation



96percent Easy Redmine Ugrade

users recognize significant time saving thank so easy interface



67percent Easy Redmine Ugrade

users think that they can handle more projects in less time



91percent Easy Redmine Ugrade

users recognize the purchase worthy and would not hesitate do it again

*data based on survey of Easy Redmine users from Dec, 2015


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Who Can EASY Redmine Help?

EASY Redmine helps IT Managers, Project Managers, and Small Business Owners unlock the new levels of efficient Project Management.


"...our processes have become significantly more efficient after implementing Easy Redmine and the time of the staff is now productively utilized..."


Key Features of EASY Redmine

Work breakdown structure for top level project planning!
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WBS Tool


Optimally time your project and tasks for the most efficient realization!
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Gantt Chart 


Easily assign and distribute resources and work force to the created tasks!
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Resource Management System


Keep development processes optimized and under constant control!
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Agile Project Management


Keep careful track of all the actual task realization and easily compare it to your plan
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Issue, Time and Financial Tracking

Learn More About EASY Redmine Features

Find Out More About EASY Redmine Solution!

Create project decomposition with Easy WBS

Work Breakdown Structure Tool visualizes projects, issues and sub-issues in mind map like view - showing decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team. It further enables you to manage projects and issues using easy drag & drop while having clearest possible visualization of the whole project.

Easy WBS Tool

Get your tasks organized with Easy Gantt

Gantt chart visualizes project tasks on a timeline and allows their convenient planning. Using a drag & drop feature, you can move tasks on a timeline and thus plan them. 

You can also apply relations, create sub-tasks and milestones. A Gantt chart is an essential tool for both simple and complex projects.

Easy Gantt Chart

Allocate your workforce with Resource Management

This is EASY Redmine solution for professional planning and assignment of work within projects. The uniqueness of this feature is in planning with regard to real time capacities and competences of workers and drag & drop user interface.

Managers save time thanks to an easy-to-use work planning. All the work is optimally planned and workload of the people is balanced. Managers are well aware of people's workload. No more tasks are over due because of overloaded workers.

Easy Resource Management Tool

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Keep Everything Under Control With:

Issue Tracking
Organize project into tasks and sub-tasks, set milestones and easily keep track of due date and share all the necessary information. 
Time Tracking
Quickly log & track your spent time - from your personal dashboard, by updating tasks or using a stopwatch.
Financial Tracking
Use EASY Finance solution to monitor revenues, costs, payroll costs and the final profit of the project in comparison to the defined plan. 

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Easy Redmine Drives More Than 1400 Organisations Worldwide

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