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Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Redmine Agile Board Management


Key Features of Easy Redmine Agile Plugin:

  • project backlog for tasks that are not part of current sprint
  • drag & drop sprint backlog creation
  • swim-lane sorting of tasks according to users
  • unlimited number of sprints
  • task filters and board search
  • project level board settings
  • drag & drop to assign tasks
  • drag & drop operation with the board




What Does Easy Redmine Agile Management Plugin Look Like?



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Filter Through your Redmine Project Backlogs

Redmine Agile Board Project BacklogUse fitlers to easily navigate throught you project backlogs and assign tasks to specific sprints using drag & drop. Carfully compose your backlogs to make sure your Redmine sprints run smoothly.






Group Tasks With Swimlanes within Redmine Agile Board

Redmine Agile Board Swimlanes

Use swimlanes to group task by a user. This feature gives you an instant overview of who is assigned to a certain task. Therefore you are able to manage particular tasks faster than before and improve your Redmine Agile development.





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Visualize Progress With Redmine Burn Down Chart

Redmine Agile Board Burndown Chart

Use burn down chart to get graphical visualization of your progress on your projects. Burn down chart will give you a quick and clear overview of the amount of work remaining versus the amount of time remaining to complete it.





Use Drag & Drop to Organize Your Redmine Sprints

Redmine Agile Board Working with sprints in Redmine is now really easy, mainly because of the user-friendly drag & drop feature. Simply update sprint status of task via dragging it into another column (pre-set task statuses - Sprint Backlog / New / Realization / To Check / Code Review / Done)





Customizable Redmine Agile Board Plugin

Through settings you can choose necessary columns for the board and select suitable list of task statuses in Redmine. Customize your set up for each project, thus making it more convenient to use in your agile management.

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