Convert SQLite into MySQL


This manual guides how to convert sqlite database into mysql, for example if you want to migrate data from Redmine with SQLite into Easy Redmine.


Easy Redmine on Linux environment, python installed (2.7.12), sqlite3 3.11.0 installed (by default available in our provided VMs)

  1. From your current Redmine machine create sqlite3 dump and transfer into the ER machine.
  2. Create new mysql database
    mysql -u root -p
    create database sqlite3_convert char set utf8mb4 row_format = dynamic;
  3. Download this converter and place it on your server
  4. From root user (or sudo) run the next command
    sqlite3 SQLITE3_DUMP_FILE.sqlite3 .dump | python | mysql -u root -p sqlite3_convert
  5. Wait. It will take about 10 minutes for script to fill in your new database with converted data

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