Before any migration can take place:

All third party plugins must be uninstalled AND unmigrated from your Redmine. Just removing the plugin folder and restarting Redmine is insufficient, because the data structure is still modified.
Also, you need to remove all your own modifications from Redmine for the data to be importable. Easy Redmine requires Redmine to be in standard unmodified form.

How to prepare data for Easy Redmine Cloud:

  1. MySQLdump of your Redmine
    1. Easy Redmine in cloud supports only mysql DB
    2. Whole DB and all fields has to be in UTF-8 coding page (utf8_general_ci)
    3. InnoDB engine (MyIsam is not supported)
    4. Command: $ mysqldump redmine --compact | gzip > redmine_dump.sql.gz
  2. Files
    1. We need to get folder files, and its data
    2. $ tar -czf redmine_files.tar.gz [redmine_root]/files

In other words:

Importing a database dump to Easy Redmine always completely replaces the previous data on that site, therefore it is not possible to import the data again and keeping the "old"/"common" data on the site. In other words, once you imported the data in Easy Redmine, do not use both sites on production simultaniously, if you intend to make another import.

Old Redmine versions (lower than 3.x) need to be upgraded to Redmine 3.4.2. In general, older versions require additional steps which need to be consulted with support and may incur additional costs for migration services.

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