This table is a simplified summary of higher usage levels of Easy Redmine server solution. For smaller implementations with more detailed description, please check article Hardware and software requirements for the Server solution.

Users CPU cores
50 8 12GB 40GB MySQL
100 12 32GB 60GB MySQL
200 24 64GB 100GB MySQL
500 48 128GB 150GB MySQL


Values in the table are not strictly given and the whole configuration depends on the extent and significance of the use of Easy Redmine in the company. As well as on frequency of user access and requests sent to the server.

If you are considering using Easy Redmine as your main information system for a large number of users, we recommend deploying a High-Availability cluster to make sure the system will always be running. In general, for more than 100 users it may be better to consult your precise needs with our experts. We would be happy to discuss with you all the significant configuration matters.

A scheme of the most basic HA cluster is available here.

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