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Adamas - complex project management solution for internal development department


internal software development



Implementation in:


ADAMAS became the Official Supplier of Winter Olympics 2014 in the category of “Jewelry, Precious Metals, Stones and Medals”. With a 12% market share, they are the largest Russian jewelry company today. They are using Easy Redmine not just for project management agenda.


The client required a SaaS application for complex project management & help desk for internal development department.

The system was supposed to improve the following business processes:

  1. Project management – planning, task tracking, entering time spent, Gantt charts, reports
  2. Tool for agile development
  3. Complex Solution for Help Desk


Adamas have been using Easy Redmine since April 2014. Easy Redmine is used as a unified complex system for work coordination between internal development department, 4 groups of external developers and an internal support team. Each of these groups have their own access levels, rights and permissions.

In practice, Adamas use:

  1. Planning using "Agile board" and the "Resource allocation" plugin, Gantt charts, Quick Planner table, Cost calculation
  2. Project realization - task tracking, advanced custom fields for tasks and task trackers, e-mail notifications about tasks and milestones that are overdue, reports using saved filtered tasks queries, spent time entering
  3. Help desk automation – for this purpose, 6 mailboxes for different service types were created. Each mailbox is processed every 5 minutes, and the incoming e-mails are imported into Easy Redmine as tasks and are assigned to the respective support projects. Imported tasks have a predefined assignee, tracker, status, estimated time and due date.

Other features that were implemented as custom modifications:

  1. Task status can’t be changed without a comment
  2. Quick project planner improvement – possibility to modify the quick planner form and add any tasks parameters (project level customization)
  3. Workflow improvement – allows to connect task statuses and roles. This means, that if someone changes the status of the task – the task assignee will be automatically changed to the user with a respective role (project level customization).

Plugins used:

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