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WORLD INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES develop and provide mobile solutions from various SMS services to mobile payments or GPS tracking. Easy Redmine helps manage customers and their requirements.


The company's primary concern was a help desk and support solution. All tickets would be submitted by e-mail or created directly in the system using a customer access. A very important feature was supposed to be an automated SLA monitoring system which would manage tickets by priority or keywords contained in the subject of the e-mail.



The deployment package consisted of Alerts, Early Warning System and Help Desk plugins. We put very strong emphasis on configuration of the Help desk plugin. The standard functionality offers creating tickets from e-mails with preset attributes including an SLA response time and time to resolve.


Help Desk SLA-World Innov-Easy Redmine 


For client access to Easy Redmine, permission restrictions were used, moreover, clients can create new tickets and set priorities. Based on the priority, the SLA is set with regard to the project configuration, and "Hours to solve" due date is automatically pre-populated.
The SLA setting for internally created tickets is done leaving the keyword field empty. This way, only priority will be taken into account.


SLA Internal Ticket-Easy Redmine-Help Desk Plugin



Plugin used


Field: Mobile solutions
Country: USA
Redmine users:
Implementation in: 2014

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