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Easy Redmine 2019 is here - the easiest Redmine Upgrade ever.

New Resource Management, Help Desk 2019, Scheduler, Business Intelligence, DevOps toolset and more for your Redmine. Upgrade was never easier.




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Redmine set-up is easy thanks to predefined roles & dashboards.

Private customizations


Dashboards, advanced settings, and templates make customizations easy.

Global Cloud

Quick & secure

Global cloud and server solutions ensure the best performance.

Easy Integration


Enhanced API, XML & XLSx imports and Zapier make integration easy.









Why upgrade to Easy Redmine 2019?

Improved design and user experience together with the most wanted Redmine features in 1 upgrade. It is Easy Redmine 2019.
Plus more than 25 professional business plugins for Resource Management, Agile Finances, Help Desk, CRM, DevOps and more.

New features in Easy Redmine 2019:

  • Resource Management with Reservations
  • Scheduler - complete calendar with easy issues scheduling to time
  • Help Desk 2019 - all you need for professional support is here
  • Business Intelligence - analyze your business in Easy Redmine 
  • DevOps plugins - new toolset of plugins for DevOps
  • Diagrams - most wanted Jira plugin now available also in Redmine world
  • New Global Dashboards - new visual Dashboards will get you a perfect overview of all the progress on projects, tasks, milestones, sprints, resources, time tracking, budgets, people, test cases, etc.
  • Mautic integration - Mautic mail campaigns triggered right from Easy Redmine CRM

Power of Open Source

Easy Redmine has grown from the Redmine community and has been developed to perfection for over 10 years by a dedicated team of Easy Software engineers. Our goal is to make Easy Redmine the best Open Source solution for project management.





Easy Redmine 2019 introduces:

Resource Management with Reservations and complete reporting

Reservations make Resources planning easy as never before. Moreover planned Resources can be easily reported in various graphs and chart - trends, gauges, pie charts, bar charts or time series charts. 

  • Reservations on project
  • Reservations in % of users' capacity
  • Reservations in fixed estimated
  • Improved Resources reporting
  • Allocations in all types of charts

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Resource Management Reservations 

Easy Scheduler

It is an all-in-one calendar where you can schedule issues to a particular time. Further, you can schedule meetings, attendance, and CRM cases with activities. It is all drag & drop and it has a manager and worker view, where the managers can schedule tasks for other users as well. 
Easy Scheduler is a must-have tool for all Redmine users that want to schedule tasks to a particular time and have all-in-one calendar for their meetings.

It is integrated with Resource Management, so scheduled issues are taken into account in Resource Management and it is fully integrated with other calendars or even MS Outlook

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Easy Redmine 2019 - Scheduler 

Help Desk 2019

The best Redmine Help Desk is here! User's feedback was taken into account and Easy Redmine Help Desk got few missing features that make it complete Help Desk tool now. Here are the new features of Easy Help Desk 2019: 

  • Ticket owner for complex reporting
  • SLA events - journal and history of all SLA events 
  • Quick email replays from the ticket
  • New dashboard for Help Desk managers
  • New dashboard for Help Desk operators
  • New Help Desk statistics

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Read Help Desk 2019 release notes for
more information about minor features

Easy Redmine 2019 - Help Desk 

Redmine Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence is tunned into perfection now. Analyze your costs, revenues, ads expenses, sales data and other in order to get real business insights. This all thanks to visual dashboards with global filters and multidimensional views. Moreover, you can easily compare your current business data to other time periods (last year or previous period) thanks to trend modules.

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Easy Redmine 2019 - BI 

DevOps plugins

Easy Redmine 2019 introduces new DevOps plugins bundle that incorporates improved Requirements and Test Cases, most wanted Jira plugin Diagrams for creating smart diagrams right in Easy Redmine and further Git CI and Git Lab hosting. Streamline your DevOps management in your Easy Redmine.

  • Requirements 2019
  • Diagrams
  • Improved Test cases
  • Git CI & Gitlab Hosting 

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Easy Redmine 2019 - DevOps 

New Global Dashboards

Easy Redmine has in-depth pre-prepared visual dashboards for any project management area you can imagine - projects, tasks, milestones, sprints, resources, time tracking, budgets, people, test cases, etc.

Why wasting time with creating new dashboards from scratch? Just open the one you need with one click only from your homepage or More menu. With Easy Redmine Global Dashboards, your project team will not miss any important news anymore. Stay in the picture and make informed project management decisions.

We have prepared importable dashboards with various ticket and performance metrics which you can download in our Community portal.

Read Easy Redmine 2019 release notes for
more information about minor features

Easy Redmine 2019 - New Global Dashboards 

Marketing automation - Mautic Integration

Boost your sales and marketing with mail campaigns triggered right from your Easy Redmine CRM. Increase sales efficiency with unified communication and profound lead-scoring. Connect web lead generation right to your Easy Redmine 2019 CRM with no effort.

Mautic is leading open-source marketing automation software and it is used by 100,000 organizations all over the world. And now integrated with Easy Redmine 2019.

It has an easy-to-use interface and it's fully integrated with Easy Redmine. Furthermore, it can be connected with hundreds of other 3rd party apps.

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Easy Redmine 2019 - Marketing automation - Mautic Integration 

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