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Easy Redmine has grown from the Redmine community and has been developed to perfection for over 10 years by a dedicated team of Easy Software engineers. Our goal is to make Easy Redmine the best Open Source solution for project management.





Detailed specification of Easy Redmine 2018.1.1 update

Video meetings accessible in two clicks

Try out our new Zoom integration for easy video and audio conferencing right from the Easy Redmine user environment. Create 1:1 or collective audio & video conferences via calendar, chat window and on tasks, contacts and CRM cases as well. This is pretty useful when you need to talk to your colleagues live with no need to open a separate communicator.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Zoom 

Org structures visualization

Organization structure is a form of a tree hierarchy where every user in the organization, except the top one, is subordinate to another, single user. This arrangement helps define how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are standardly directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. It also determines who is eligible to approve vacation requests submitted by users. Organization structure is a standalone plugin for Easy Redmine. Since it is not included in the basic project management, it has to be purchased separately in the customer portal.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Org structures visualization 

Requirements plugin

Requirements management is useful for technically sophisticated projects where lots of small components and details build a big and impressive product (like a car or a piece of machinery). Simply create artifacts, which represent basic attributes in the requirements tree structure. Requirements management is a standalone plugin for Easy Redmine. Since it is not included in the basic project management, it has to be purchased separately in the customer portal.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Requirements plugin 

Global roles by user types

There are 15 predefined global user types in Easy Redmine 2018 (more coming soon). Each user type has a ready to use dashboard with features according to particular responsibilities. Complete permissions and workflow are defined for each user type. Permissions and workflow settings are divided into 4 levels (Chief, management, executive and external) and implemented by roles & permissions.

This makes Easy Redmine 2018 implementation as easy as setting up just 1 option for each user – select his/her user type.

However, infinite possibilities of any custom set-up are kept, as well as dashboards customizations.

Easy Redmine 2018 – User types and Permissions

Inline manuals

Going through the Easy Redmine user environment is now much easier and quicker to learn than ever before. It is thanks to inline manuals that show you useful tips right in the application, suggesting steps to follow and providing you with an explanation of individual features. Inline manuals can be found under the "Onboarding zone" button at the screen bottom. Try out immediately in the 30-day trial version.

Easy Redmine 2018 - Inline manuals

Business dashboards plugin

This is an information management tool that is used globally to track all watched KPIs, metrics and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific projects. All the relevant data can be found on a single customizable page. Through the use of data visualizations via graphs, charts, lists, and tables, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at-a-glance awareness of current performance. This is a standalone plugin for Easy Redmine.

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Easy Redmine 2018 – Business dashboards 

Improved language files & enumerations

Language files & enumerations have been vastly improved in overall quality. These include English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.


Easy Redmine 2018 - Improved localization

Free native mobile app – access to all features on the go

By default, Easy Redmine template is fully responsive and, therefore, easily usable in mobile browsers.

Moreover, there are native mobile apps for Android & Apple. These provide the full comfort of native mobile apps and allows you access to all features as from the laptop.

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Easy Redmine 2018 - Free mobile app

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