Budget sheet plugin cooperates with Money / Budget plugin and shows spent time (time entries) with internal / external costs of work. Cost of work is based on spent time and appropriate hour rate according to global or project Money settings.

Plugin Detail see here:

In order to display Budget Sheet go to "More" in main menu and click "Sheet".

Log into Live Demo of Budget Sheet here

Redmine Budget Blatt Kosten der Arbeit

Like everywhere in the Redmine resp. Easy Redmine, you can customize view via filters:

  • Project
  • User
  • Date
  • Activity
  • Role
  • Main project

You can thus have budget sheet for anything you want.

Redmine Budget Schichtenfilter

Filters can be saved for future use via clicking on "Save".

Table columns can be managed via "Options".

Redmine Budget Blatt Tabellenoptionen

In the right column of the view you have predefined filters according the users and also saved filters.

Budget Blatt vordefinierte Filter

Budget Sheet primary purpose is to show cost of work. Hour rates for calculation of cost of work per time entries are taken either from Global Money Setting or from particular Project Money setting if it is applied.

Find more details about Redmine Money / Budget Plugin setting here:

Budget Blatt Geldzeitsummen

Moreover, any sheet can be exported into CSV or PDF.

Redmine Budget Blatt Export

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