Redmine Budget / Money plugin serves to monitor incomes / expenses / wage expenses and final profit / hour rate of the projects. See plugin detail here:

To display Project Money click "Money" on project menu:

Log into Money Live Demo

Projekt Geld

If the project has sub-projects, their Incomes / Expenses / Wage Expenses and Result are displayed under overview.

Teilprojekte Geld

Incomes / expenses / wage expenses detail

Clicking on overall Incomes / Wage Expenses / Other Expenses you get detail list of items.

Incomes - detail list

Live demo of incomes detail list

Einkommen Übersicht

Expenses - detail list

Live Demo of expenses detail list

andere Weiten über Ansicht

Wage Expenses

These are calculated from time entries. Time entry is multiplied by the appropriate hour rate. Clicking on wage expense you get particular time entry detail.

Live Demo of expense detail list

Detail der Lohn Weite

New Income / Expense entry

In order to enter new Income / Expense (both planned or real) click on the buttons in the right column. After clicking on these you get a form to enter new Income / Expense. Further you choose whether real or planed – real option is default.

Live Demo of new expense form

Redmine Budget neue Einkommen

When entering new Income / Expense you state name / description / date / ammount / VAT yes-no and you can upload attachment - scanned invoice or whatever.

Option for Planed / Real Expense / Income is at the upper part of the form.

Redmine Budget neuen erwarteten ErträgeBudget / Money settings

To enter the settings click on "Money settings" in the right column of money view. At the first tab you define priorities of the hour rates to calculate wage expenses. Rates are according to Activity / Role / User.

And Rates are Internal and External - this is mainly for the purpose of Budget sheet, where you can thus see what is your internal wage cost and what is billable ammount.

Live Demo of Budget / Money settings

Redmine Budget Geld-Einstellungen Stundensätze Priorität

In other tabs you define hour rates for particular metrics (Activity, Role, User)

Redmine Geld Stundensätze von Rolle-Aktivität Benutzer

You can use the same rates in subprojects or set them separatelly.

Other Money per project settings

The last tab enables you to configure you projects money / budget. You can set here:

  • Use or no
  • Display VAT or no
  • Define VAT rate
  • Sum subprojects money into parent project or no
  • Turn on / off planned money
  • Turn on / off detail lists of incomes / expenses

Redmine anderen Geld-Einstellungen

Global money settings

You can however set your money globally. This afterwards applies for all the projects unless it is overridden by project setting.

For Global Money Setting go to Administration -> Money.

Global setting consists of:

  • Rate priorities
  • Rate setting for particular metric (Activity, Role, User)
  • Other settings

Redmine globalen Geldeinstellungen

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