This Help Desk solution is supposed to automate your support processes. Help Desk setting process has 4 general steps:

  • Define mail boxes to be withdrawn - mail from the mailbox is processed and saved as a ticket
  • Define e-mail templates - auto-reply e-mail when a support ticket is created and templates for ticket updates
  • Define support projects - assort sender mails by domains to specific Redmine projects
  • Define SLA (service level agreement for the projects) - time to solve a ticket, priorities, prepaid hours, key account manager of the support project

Help Desk Plugin is distributed with Easy Redmine Alerts (Early Warning System), you thus obtain warnings when SLA is violated or when prepaid hour within specific support project are consumed.

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here:

Help Desk Administration

Go to More menu item -> Administration -> Help Desk.


Mailbox configuration

First you have to configure which mailboxes are supposed to be withdrawn - click "ADD MAILBOX" button

Redmine Schreibtisch neues Postfach

Further Specify your mail box settings:

  • POP / IMAP protocol

  • host = mail server

  • user = mail box user name

  • pass = mail box password

If you use IMAP you can set more options as:

  • which folder should be withdrawn

  • SSL

  • where to move e-mail if processed

With the IMAP setting, only unread e-mails are processed.

Easy Redmine Helpdesk Mailbox EinstellungClicking "Update" you save a mailbox setting.

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here:

Mailbox job history

Once the mailbox is set you can check job history -  how the tickets from the mail box are processed.

Easy Redmine Tätigkeiten Geschichte

After clicking on history, you get a log of the jobs.

Easy Redmine Mailbox Geschichte - List

E-mail templates

E-mail templates serve for automated replies when a new ticket is created + for automated e-mail notifications when a ticket is updated. You can set as many e-mail templates as you need. Each templated is primarily connected with:

  • Issue status - you define for which status is particular templated used
  • Mailbox - you can receive your support tickets in more mailboxes - each mailbox can have different templates.

To set up a new e-mail template click on "ADD NEW TEMPLATE" button.

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here:

Easy Redmine Mailbox VorlagenFurther you have to define:

  • Choose issue status
  • Fill-in sender input box - this mail should be same as mailbox
  • Fill-in e-mail subject  - you can use dynamic text here
  • To make sure all following communication is processed in the same ticket, add %task_id% in the subject
  • E-mails are paired with tasks by these conditions:
    1. Hidden heading of e-mail, where the task ID is saved
    2. Subject of the e-mail, where a combination of "#" and task ID is seeked
    3. If this isn't found, subject is searched for a number alone

Easy Redmine Vorlagen

  • Fill-in e-mail body
  • Fill-in plain text version

Easy Redmine Mailbox Vorlagen KörperAnd save the template :-)

Support projects definition - mapping

In order to automate your support process you can map particular domains or e-mail to your support projects - ie. e-mails from defined domains or e-mails are saved as an issue into specified project.

You can have as many mappings as you want.

To do this click on "Add project".

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here:

Easy Redmine Projekt Übersicht

And continue with setting Support Project definition:

  • Choose your Support project
  • Enter number of prepaid hour within the support project
  • Choose tracker
  • Choose assignee - who is a ticket assigned to
  • Enter mail or domain - you can enter more of them

Your client is Wolters Kluwer company which has and domains - all the employees write from this domain.

Easy Redmine Unterstützung ProjektFurther you can define SLA (service level agreement):

Easy Redmine SLA Einstellung

You can have as many setting as you need. This SLA setting serves primarily to define ticket priority on the basis of key word in e-mail subject and to define time to response.

For example: if the e-mail subject contains word "critical" -> time to response is 10 hours and priority is "high"

At the end, just click "ADD" to save support project.

List of support projects may eventually look like this:

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here:

Easy Redmine UNterstützung Projektliste

However, you can always redefine particular support project or create a new one.

Help Desk Workflow

As you know, Redmine tasks have only due date. Nevertheless support tickets have also due time. This is set on the basis of SLA definition.

Support ticket with due date and due time may look like this.

Helpdesk Aufgabe mit FälligskeitterminTicket has priority according to the SLA setting: key word within the subject is "cricical" -> priority is critical, time to solve the ticket was set to 10 hours.

While updating the support ticket, e-mail templates are utilized.

In order to utilize it, you have to check "send update" option.

Easy Redmine Aktualisierung


Than, after saving the update, particular e-mail template (according to new task status) is emitted, you can edit it and send.

Easy Redmine Helpdesk Email Vorlage

Alerts - Early Warning Systems

There are 3 default Alert set, which come with Easy Redmine Help Desk. Alerts are automatically established when the Help Desk plugins is installed.

Alerts can be edited via more -> alerts

Easy Redmine Helpdesk AlarmeThese alerts serve in order to monitor SLA violation. First Alert sends notification when 75% of time to solve the support ticket is consumed and ticket is still untouched. The second one send notification when the ticket is over due time.

There is yet another Alert which sends notification, when number of prepaid hours within the support project is spent.

Video of Help Desk setup

Video of Help Desk actual functionality

Download Redmine Help Desk plugin here

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