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Ultimate customer information

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Flexible sales process setup

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Absolute personalization based on roles in your sales team

Easy Redmine drives projects in more than 2.000 companies worldwide

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Selected references Easy Redmine - Project Management Software

Easy Redmine CRM


Key Features of Easy Redmine CRM plugin:

  • ultimate customer information - all customer information on one place (delays, invoices, people, task, project)

  • from web visit to the paid invoice and project initiation (flexible sales process setup)

  • different case statuses & any type of custom field (no limits in Customer/prospect or any other contact segmentation)

  • absolute personalization based on user level

  • proposals in a few clicks with new Price book and Quote templates

  • invoicing integration

What does Redmine CRM by Easy look like?


Redmine CRM by Easy CRM overview
Redmine CRM by Easy Sales performance
Redmine CRM by Easy Product Stats
Redmine CRM by Easy Person performance
Redmine CRM by Easy Kanban view
Redmine CRM by Easy List of CRM cases


Find out more about Easy Redmine CRM features!

Manage CRM cases on all levels

Easy Redmine CRM Group of LeadsCRM is a project level module that can be easily linked both with your contacts and tasks, that will keep you always updated thanks to email-notification. With Easy Redmine CRM plugin you can easily manage:

  • leads
  • opportunities
  • quotations
  • clients
  • upsales
  • partners




Evaluate performance using stats and graphs

Easy Redmine CRM Stats -Sales team performanceEasily evaluate performance of your sales team on one page. Statistics are fully customizable and can be displayed using either pie or bar charts. With Easy Redmine Stats you can instantly get  insights into key performance indicators of your sales team, such as :

  • sales per region/country
  • sales per product
  • sales performce of users
  • sales forecasts of users




Access all customer information from one-place


Easy Redmine CRM - all information accesible form Contact

  • deals

  • invoces

  • people

  • tasks

  • projects






Forecast/pipeline in a KANBAN view

Easy Redmine CRM - Kanban View

CRM cases grouped by current status. Just one look and you know how is your business doing right now. Or what is your forecast for next week/month/quartal...







Automatize your CRM processes

Thanks to Easy Redmine plugin for CRM you can easily create new cases straight from a pre-selected mailbox and from special forms on the web. Furthermore, creation of CRM case and any further updates of the CRM case can set to generate an automatic email response. With this plugin you can streamline your marketing processes, all of this thanks to marketing automation that takes care of repetitive actions of your marketing and sales departments.



Integrate your e-mail communication with your CRM system

Send e-mail by updating CRM case or update CRM case using incoming emails- all emails are kept in one CRM case and all communication is done just by updating the CRM case.


Integrate your CRM system with E-commerce

Easy Redmine CRM Overiew Manage Your business from Your information system. Integrate complex e-commerce solution via Redmine REST API. For example: e-commerce orders are saved as tasks or CRM cases and if tasks are updated, then orders are updated as well. All thanks to Redmine CRM plugin.






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