Filip is our leader, believer, and founder. Filip has passions for establishing teams and providing them with tools for growth, he works on creating a people-oriented environment for professionals, who work hard on the creation of the world's best project management system. Filip holds a degree in Management of Telecommunications, he is our HR, finances, and server infrastructure expert and is a founder of Mindfulness Foundation.

Filip Morávek - Easy Software

Ondřej is an experienced product and marketing director. He studied engineering in Prague, Czech and business technology in Halmstad, Sweden. He speaks English and Russian and cares about his family and garden.

Ondřej Šťovíček - Easy Redmine

Stana is the most experienced Easy Redmine consultant on our team, with close to 10 years of experience. She has experience with implementations in companies of all shapes and sizes. Stana has experience in academia, non-profits, and the business sector; possesses excellent analytical skills and has publications, including examinations of project management according to IPMA.

Speaks: EN
EP expert in Project Management according to IPMA/PMI
Focus: Team leader and partner in management

Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová - Redmine senior consultant

Jaroslav is our Sales Director and partner at Easy Software since August 2015.He loves to drive the team of great sales talents and move our sales organization over every challenge of international sales. He draws motivation from astonished faces of our clients and our constantly developing product. Jaroslav truly loves Easy Software company and its creative and open-minded environment. In addition to that, Jaroslav is an amateur cook, golf player, and a proud father.

Jaroslav Lizner Easy Software

Hedviga is a pre-sales consultant, also responsible for training process of our new sales team members and webinars. She has a degree from Comenius University in Bratislava from International Management and speaks Slovak, Czech, English, and French. She also is a senior Redmine administrator providing solutions for customers since 2014. Her hobbies are very creative - crocheting, cooking and all sorts of brainteasers.

Hedviga Cebova - Redmine support and consultant

Lukas is our Regional Manager for US/CA/UK, which he finds extremely valuable, it allows him to continue learning new things. Despite graduating in Taxation, he has always felt that his passion to languages and outgoing personality have a better application. He is passionate about helping users find a way to better internal collaboration. His interests include Stephen King, traveling, Biffy Clyro, Walter Bishop.

Lukas Hubka Easy Redmine Consultant

Ondrej is our sales manager in Czech, Slovak, and Polish markets. Ondrej leads a team of salespeople, who take care of clients in the given region and he personally takes care of bigger clients and helps his team to develop. He holds a degree in Business Management and IT security and is our expert in communication and in-depth assessment of clients' needs.

Ondřej Šustr Easy Redmine Consultant

Roman is an experienced consultant and salesman, with expert knowledge in cloud solutions & lean management. He is highly interested in new technologies and related services. His free time Roman spends practicing martial arts and studying towards his Business degree. 

Roman Olejnikov Easy Redmine Consultant

Stefaan is a Sales consultant with years of experience and takes care of DACH region. His extensive experience in sales and business fields in CEE region allows him to successfully understand and develop business relations between west and east. 

Stefaan Verhulst - Easy Redmine

Peeter as developer wins a huge amount of experience in International company. He is mainly responsible for the support of clients from Hungary. He spends his leisure time with cycling or in CrossFit gym. 

Peeter Herczeg - Easy Software

Karolina helps to improve our performance in Czech and Slovak market. From her communication with clients, she has learned to be patient, she is communicative and fun. She loves to travel and attends cultural events: exhibitions, architecture - functionalism, cubism, art nouveau.

Karolína Ludvíková - Easy Software

Adolf is a member of our Help Desk team with a specialization on sales tied with support, as he has previous experience in sales department. He also takes care of client tickets and chats via Zopim and Intercom, mainly in English. In his free time, he enjoys walking his dog, playing poker and video games.

Adolf Mayer - Easy Software

Jakub is a member of our sales team. He has graduated from Charles University in Prague. He used to be a professional volleyball player in France and Germany, where he has learned the local languages. He has also worked as a teacher, which helped him to develop excellent communication, presentation and training skills. His free time Jakub tries to spend outdoors with his family.

Jakub Rybníček - Easy Software

Alexandra is our Sales Representative & BDM for Russia & CIS. She studied Public relations in Altay State University in Russia. Alexandra has 4 years of experience in Russian & CIS IT market and will gladly help you to get to know our products better. She likes challenges and finding the easiest way to solve the issue. Languages: RU, EN, CZ.

Alexandra Hloušková - Easy Software

Aleksandra is our sales administrator, she takes care of all organizational matters between clients and salesmen. After spending the last seven years in the United States where she studied Art History, Aleksandra returned to Prague to pursue a career in a field where she can use her four languages (RU, CZ, EN, and FR) and better her understanding of the IT industry. In her free time, Aleksandra enjoys going to museums and doing film photography.

Aleksandra Gluzmanová - Easy Software

Klara holds an MSc degree in IT. She has a special interest in and in-depth knowledge of the automotive, production, and software development industries and plenty of experience in large-scale business implementations. She is very analytical in her work and is great at breaking down and explaining any complex feature. 

Speaks: EN, DE, RU, CZ
EP expert in Easy Gantt, Resource Management, CRM

Klára Zamazalová Redmine Consultant

Lilia is one of our most experienced Easy Software consultants and has recently taken a position of Scrum Master. She has in-depth knowledge of all complex settings and often serves as our internal consultant. Lilia holds a degree in IT and at the moment concentrates more on custom product development. Speaks EN, RU, CZ EP, expert in Custom Development

Lilia Schmidt - Easy Software

Dagmar has gained vast project management experience in financial corporations. During her PhD studies, she became an expert in data analysis and synthesis. Now, she specializes in solutions for IT companies and research institutions. She enjoys studying specific requirements and bringing efficient solutions to clients.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: in Project management and CRM

Dagmar Kusnirova Easy Redmine Consultant

Ludmila is a consultant with extensive experience in marketing operations and sales. Upon completing her studies of economics and management, she gained experience with SAP CRM, Jira, and MS office solutions. She enjoys brainstorming new features with programmers and delivering a solution that best fits client's needs. She prefers to spend her free time in the countryside or attending music concerts and modern art galleries. Speaks EN, DE, CZ, expert in CRM.

Alena Vejsadova - Redmine consultant

Gabriela is our project management expert in the logistics and engineering industries. She has extensive training in IPMA/PMI and PRINCE2 project management techniques and can easily help clients to integrate those into their daily management. Gabriela also has extensive managerial experience with NGOs and educational projects. 

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: Help Desk and CRM

Easy Redmine - Gabriela Hynková

Eliska is our Easy Redmine consultant with vast experience collected across different continents and companies. She has both academic and hands-on project management experience. Eliska has worked with NGOs and manufacturing businesses and has extensive experience with resource and finance management. 

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: Context analysis & unique solutions 

Eliska Kadubcova - Easy Redmine

Jan is our international management expert with a master's degree in the field. He specializes in manufacturing companies and has valuable experience in implementation of core project management features, visualization of data and setting of performance indicators. 

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Core project management & Data Visualization

Easy Redmine - Jan Řeřicha

Robert is the head of support team at Easy Software. He has been with the company since its early stages, he knows every inch of our software. Roberts daily duties include client support, as well as quality and release management. Outside of work, Robert is a member of Mensa Czech Republic and a skiing and mountain enthusiast. 

Robert Kovacik - Redmine consultant and support

Dominika is one of our most experienced Help Desk technicians, with over 6 years experience in a support position. Besides tickets processing, Dominika continuously updates our changelog and has weekly meetings with debugging team to ensure swift bug fixing process. She prefers to spend her free time painting and playing video games.

Dominika Petzova - Client Support

Vendula is a computer systems expert and works as Help Desk specialist with detailed knowledge of WBS and Gantt Chart modules. Besides resolving client requests via Help Desk, Zopim and Intercom, she also specializes in testing and ensuring that users receive a bug-free software. Vendula prefers to spend her free time travelling and reading books.

Vendula Kreuzova - HelpDesk Specialist in Easy Redmine

Vladimir is an experienced support technician, he takes care of client tickets and chats via Zopim, Intercom and Livechat and in addition to English, can also assist you in Spanish. Besides being a devoted member of Help Desk team, Vladimir is interested in books and video games. 

Vladimir Svarc - Easy Redmine

Boris is our Help Desk Specialist with extra attention to customer satisfaction. He has experience in various positions, including sales, but believes that he has finally found himself as a dedicated member of customer care team. His free time Boris spends being active and he loves all kinds of sports.

Petr is company CTO and his mission is clear - perfectly functional Easy Redmine. Quality food and beer lover.

Petr Pospíšil - Easy Software

Lukas is a senior developer with stunning breadth of skills. Loves Star Wars and bake delightful muffins - the best in the whole Empire.

Lukas Pokorny Easy Software

Miloš is Easy UX designer. His main responsibility is Your visual satisfaction. He loves design in all forms.

Miloš Vlach - Easy Software

Daria is our junior front-end developer at Easy Software, doing her best to bridge the gap between design and programming. Outside of work she pursues a bachelor's degree in Chemical Technologies. In her free time, Daria enjoys watching movies and reading blogs. Speaks EN, RU, CZ.

Daria Doronina - Easy Redmine

Marek takes care of our servers and infrastructure. He has extensive experience in IT architect and as a member of DevOps team and administrator. He spends his free time following latest tech trends. 

Marek Sirový - Easy Software

Ondřej is our developer, he likes to learn about new technologies, which help him in his personal development. He is looking for a new challenge and likes to work on new projects, in which he can fully exploit his skills.

Ondřej Pop - Easy Software

Jaroslav is an experienced RoR developer, he likes to take on challenging problems and find innovative solutions for them, which helps him with self-realization. He is interested in anything related to his field, specifically WebRTC, WebSocket and follows tech news. He has advanced knowledge of MySQL, Ruby, RoR, JS, Redmine.

Speaks: EN, DE, CZ

Jaroslav Böhmer - Easy Software

Pavel is a Ruby On Rail developer with extensive experience in debugging and fulfilling our clients custom requests. He is a big coffee enthusiast and loves backpacking in his free time.

Pavel Rosický - Easy Software

Dominik works as a developer, mostly taking care of Ruby back-end. He is responsible for debugging and repairing codes, based on evaluation reports to coding fixes. Dominik has been with Easy almost three years, so he knows all the ins and outs of our product. He is fluent in English & Czech and has a thirst for solving mysteries.

Dominik Pralovski - Easy Software

Ivan is our RoR developer, he is responsible for developing fast and efficient back-end for Easy Software. Ivan studied Software Engineering at CVUT University in Prague. He is interested in web developing technologies and has been with DevOps for over a year, helping them to develop the interface for Development Operation system. Speaks RU, EN, RO, CZ.

Ivan Marangoz - Easy Redmine

Ondřej is a senior programmer at Easy Software. He is working on feature development and does code reviews for other users. He studied IT at Czech Technical University in Prague and knows Ruby, Python, Scala, HTML, JavaScript, C++, Rust, Bash, CSS, SQL programming languages. He is certified in Cisco CCNA and received agile and project management training.

Ondřej Moravčík - Easy Software

Jiří is our programmer who takes care of debugging and development of new features. He holds a degree in IT, specifically web technologies and knows Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Pascal, HTML languages.

Jiri Bruk Redmine Developer

Petr works in Easy as Redmine developer and takes care of the development of our Redmine products, such as Gantt and WBSHe likes traveling and exploring new countries.

Petr Hošek - Easy Software

Jakub is our junior JavaScript and Dart programmer. He spends most of his time developing new features and repairing bugs. He holds a degree in IT and knows Dart, HTML, JavaScript, C++, C#, Bash, CSS, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Python programming languages. He spends his free time making homemade ice cream and attending programmers' meetups.

Jakub Merta Easy Software

Zdeněk is our JavaScript developer. He likes to work on fun and fast-paced application without unnecessary limitation. He likes to take long walk.

Zdeněk Mlčoch - Easy Software

Constantin is a RoR Developer at Easy Software with special attention to client requirements. Besides RoR Development, he also specializes in software testing. He works together with a professional IT team which inspires and motivates him to do a good job. Constantin is very diligent in his work and is ready for any challenge that will help him develop professionally.

Constantin Grosu Easy Software

Josef works in Easy as front-end developer since 2007. He loves his wife and Red Dwarf series.

Josef Břehovský - Easy Software

Viktor is a skilled web developer, who makes sure that everything is correctly interlinked between our web and other systems. He likes cycling, nature and follows latest trends in technology.

Viktor Jelinek Easy Software

Jakub is a passionate marketing manager, he enjoys working on new, progressive and strategic marketing concepts. After graduation from the University of Economics, he gained marketing experience in various companies and joined Easy Software in early 2015. His goal in Easy Software is to make communication with users and experience with our product as smooth as possible. Big fan of movies, surf sports and internet of things.

Jakub Ryba - Easy Software

Jan is a senior graphic designer, copywriter, and visionary. He develops creative ideas and concepts. His strongest skill is the ability to listen to clients and customers and understand their needs. During his 20 years of practice, he worked on a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions, corporate communications and corporate identity. Speaks Czech & English.

Jan Vedra - Easy Software

Lukáš takes care of online content, social media communication, and knowledge base. He works on delivering comprehensive manuals to guide you through Easy Redmine. He has extensive experience in copywriting, translating, and public relations. His personal interest in IT and consumer electronics brought him to Easy back in 2016. Outside of work, he is a member of Mensa Czech Republic and a hiking, philosophy, table tennis and cat enthusiast.

Lukáš Beňa - Easy Redmine

Pavel works in Easy Software as front-end developer since 2015. He studied at Czech Technical University in Prague, knows AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, CSS and other web-related technologies. He enjoys running and photography.

Pavel Šíma - Web Administrator

Lucie is a Finance Specialist and Executive Assistant at Easy since 2013. She holds BSc in Economics along with other necessary skills, such as bookkeeping basics, fast computer writing, a good knowledge of MS office package, especially Excel. Her native language is Czech and she also speaks English. She spends her free time playing golf or with her friends over some good food and drinks.

Lucie Weissgärberová - Easy Software

Gabriela works as a financial specialist. She is responsible for invoicing, payments, controlling, reporting and reconciliation. She holds a Master's degree in Economy and Management and has extensive experience from multiple banks. She speaks Czech and English. Gabriela is easily adaptable to changes and excels in communication. She is certified by Czech National Bank in insurance and capital market field.

Gabriela Jannova Easy Software

Monika takes care of our team, everything from office supplies to monthly team breakfasts and company yoga classes. She holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management and in Easy Software she takes care of team onboarding, HR marketing, benefits, team healthy lifestyle and various administrative work. She also creates new job offers and trains new members. In her free time, Monika loves to do yoga and good food.

Monika Jornickova Office Manager-Easy Redmine

In Easy Ivona holds the position of Senior Happiness Officer, she is responsible for people strategies, education, mentoring and recruitment. Ivona is a professional coach and she likes to guide people in their development, she likes to communicate with people and motivate them. She is a member of International Coach Federation. Besides coaching, her hobbies include spending time with her family, dancing, theate, and cycling. 

Ivona Metelková - Easy Software

Jaroslava takes care of Easy accounting - no one know as much about "Easy Number", as she does. In her free time she likes to do various sports.

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