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Excel-like calculations right in your Easy Redmine and with your current data.

Calculate any simple or complex indicators, performace measures, estimates or various rates in real time over your task,project, users or finance data.



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  Excel-like data calculations  /  Payments processing and integration  /  Estimation Calculators  /  Froms, Quizzes and Assessements








What can actually Calculoid do in Easy Redmine?

Imagine Excel-like calculations right in your Easy Redmine.

Calculate any simple or complex indicators, performace measures, estimates or various rates in real time over your task, project, users or finance data.

This is what Calculoid Platform brings you - easy to create, embed and integrate Excel-like calculators, quizzes and assesements right in your Easy Redmine and with your current data.

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Application of Calculoid in Easy Redmine 2019

Excel-like data calculations
Payments processing and integration
Estimation Calculators
Lead Generation, marketing & sales automation
Automate processes with digitalization of paperwork
Integrations – Calculoid API & Easy Redmine Plugin
Payment gateways
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Calculoid templates to help you to start

Creating your new calculator from template is easy – just copy template and modify it to your needs. With Calculoid you can boost your website interactivity, generate leads, accept payments.



Pricing calculators

Calculate prices for products or services in real time and get paid online.


ROI & Cost calculators

Calculate the ROI & cost of projects, products or services online & easily + collect customer leads.





Loan & Debt calculators

Any finance related calculations for your users - insurance, loans, debts. 


Saving calculators

Calculate any saving for your customers and send email to collect the leads. 





Medical & dosing calculators

Calculates the daily dose and period based on age, weight etc. + allow users to buy your products.


Online store templates

Create a simple online store, calculate the final price and get paid online.




Examples of using Caculoid in Easy Redmine 2019:

Excel-like data calculations in your Easy Redmine

Calculate your Easy Redmine data to get results such as profit, ROI, EBIT, CROIC, project price, price quotations, tasks estimates and any other directly in your Easy Redmine. Calculoid calculators are so easy to create and embed that you can have your results ready to use literally in a matter of minutes. Calculated results can be submitted into Easy Redmine database thanks to ready to use API integrations. Bellow, you find two examples of calculators in Easy Redmine:

  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROFIT CALCULATOR – based on data from project budgets and financial statements, profit and ROI is calculated over the project portfolios. Example is available in any Easy Redmine 2019 Trial, just visit URL: /easy_bi or go to Menu more > Business Intelligence.
  • TIME ESTIMATION CALCULATORS serve to agile teams to calculate estimated time for tasks completion based on various properties entered.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid Business Intelligence Calculator

Payments processing and integration in Easy Redmine

Process your incoming payments right in Easy Redmine with instant integration to project budgets, CRM or invoicing. Calculoid offers flexible and versatile payment calculators with complete check- out and all possible online payments. Calculators can be embedded in many places at the same time – ie. both on your websites and in Easy Redmine. If your clients or partners access Easy Redmine, integrated payments with instant response of the system may improve your cashflow and easy your sales admin and other processes.

Good example of this Cacluloid application is a calculator for purchasing minutes for Zoom video meeting which is integrated in all Easy Redmine 2019 trials and customers applications. This allows users to purchase credit for video meeting without leaving the application. Calculator supports PayPal, Visa, Master and Amex credit cards.

Calculoid, moreover, offers reccurent payments, so you can easily manage any subscriptions for your services.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid pricing calculation

Estimation Calculators

Using Calculoid, you can easily embed any estimation calculators into your Easy Redmine while calculating with your current data. Create project price, tasks duration, profit estimations or any other budgary calculations easily in real-time based on variables from Easy Redmine.

Bellow you can find example of time estimate calculator used by Agile teams to create estimations while planning the sprint.

Calculated results can be easily saved back into Easy Redmine database for any further processing.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid Estimation

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing & sales processes with lead generation forms, questionarries, quizzes or assesements integrated directly with Easy Redmine CRM, Help Desk or projects. Embed them to any project overview page or dashboard for internal user or on public pages of your Easy Redmine for external user. Any Calculoid piece can be embedded to more than one place at the same time – so it can run your in your Easy Redmine and on your websites simultanousely. Visit or to see examples of lead generation calculators integrated with Easy Redmine CRM and invoicing.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid Lead Generation

Automate processes with digitalization of paperwork

Any feedback forms, assessements and questionnaries can be easily done digitally with Caculoid right in your Easy Redmine. Create a new questionnaire in few minitues, or use a template, embed it to your Easy Redmine and have results instantlly submitted as tasks to your Easy Redmine for further processing. Save immense time thanks to automation of HR or administration processes by their digitalization with Calculoid and Easy Redmine.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid Implementation questionnaire

Integrations Calculoid API & Easy Redmine plugin

Calculated results can be easily saved back into Easy Redmine database for any further processing.

  • API INTEGRATION – All collected data from calculators can be immediatelly saved into Easy Redmine thanks to ready to use API integration. Create tasks, projects, CRM cases or other entities from submitted forms, or save calculated results as properties to project, tasks or elsewhere.
  • EASY REDMINE PLUGIN – On the other hand, Easy Redmine Calculoid plugin enables you to load any Easy Redmine data into the calculators as variables for Excel-like calculations.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid integrated pricing

Payment gateways

In order to process online payment using Calculoid, you need to have PayPal, Stripe, GP webpay or GoPay account established. More payment providers coming soon.

Calculoid supports both one-time and reccurent payments, so using it you can easily manage any subscriptions. Complete check-out with flexible fields selection can easily handle any country specifics. Moreover, it has geo-ip features and Google Analytics e-commerce reporting.

Calculoid is ideal for any SaaS pricing solutions and services subscriptions thanks to support of reccurent payments.

Easy Redmine 2019 - Calculoid Pricing field

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