Filip is "captain" who steers Easy in the right direction. His domains are people and finance. He loves his wife and three children, nature and meditation.

Filip Morávek - Easy Software

Andrew is an expert in business development & simplification. I have delivered and launched many great web projects during my 10 years long business career. Easy Redmine is one of them. My goal is to make Redmine an easy tool for complex management.

"I believe that Easy Redmine can capture any (big) data within the organization, simplify & systematize them and provide bulletproof control & delegating tool and deep managerial insights."


Ondrej Stovicek - Easy Redmine senior consultant

Stana is the most experienced Redmine consultant of our team. She has been working with Redmine since 2008 and she has carried out dozens of full-featured Redmine implementations.

Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová - Redmine senior consultant

Jaroslav is an experienced IT consultant and businessman. He helps to improve and manage all sales process. He is an amater cook and likes to play golf.

Jaroslav Lizner Easy Software

Hedviga is an experienced Redmine administrator and support manager. She worked for IBM before coming to Easy.

Hedviga Rusnakova - Redmine support and consultant

Ludmila works in Easy as a Sales Administrator. She likes to smile and enjoys swimming, hiking and getting to know different cultures.

Alena Vejsadova - Redmine consultant

Lukas works in Easy as Redmine consultant. Graduate in business administration. He loves skiing.

Lukas Hubka Easy Redmine Consultant

Ondrej is external partner in sales. He is focused on Czech market. Loves music and dancing.

Ondřej Šustr Easy Redmine Consultant

Matej helps our Sales department to achieve outstanding results. He lived in USA for two years and speaks English fluently. His free time Matej dedicated to various graphical projects. His hobbies include football, digital drawing, he like indie rock and music festivals, and is a big fan of Czech beer. 

Matej Hodac - Easy Redmine

Stefaan is a Sales consultant with years of experience. His extensive experience in sales and business fields in CEE region allows him to successfully understand and develop business relations between west and east. 

Stefaan Verhulst - Easy Redmine

Jan is a sales consultant for Asia and Australia. Has a great international background from his studies in South Korea and Belgium. He loves sports and great food.

Jan Klemsa - sales consultant in Easy Redmine

Peeter as developer wins a huge amount of experience in International company. He is mainly responsible for the support of clients from Hungary. He spends his leisure time with cycling or in CrossFit gym. 

Krystof Splichal Easy Software Developer

In Easy Jan holds a position of Sales consultant. He is fond of travelling, he is interested in history, geography, cartography, arts and learning new languages. He loves to play squash, climbing and spending time by the water. Occasionally he takes on some translating and cartography jobs. He previously worked on interactive scripts for student on basis of wiki as a project manager and as a manager in a translation agency.

Jan Brandejs - Easy Redmine

Karolina helps to improve our performance in Czech and Slovak market. From her communication with clients, she has learned to be patient, she is communicative and fun. She loves to travel and attends cultural events: exhibitions, architecture - functionalism, cubism, art nouveau.

Karolina Ludvikova - Easy Redmine Consultant

Adolf is mostly taking care of sales in North America. Before Easy, Adolf has lived off poker and hosted people from around the world through Airbnb. Earlier he dedicated his time to skiing and competitive tennis. He enjoys playing games, walking his dog and spending time with his friends.

Adolf Mayer - Easy Software

Easy Redmine is Jakubs first experience in an IT company, before that he was a professional sportsmen. He has spent sever years playing professional volleyball in France and Germany, where he had a chance to learn local mentality and habits. His free time he likes to spend outdoors and having a beer with his friends.  

Jakub Rybnicek - Easy Redmine

Alexandra has worked in IT company for four year and would like to continue her personal development in this fields. In Easy Redmine Alexandra hold a Sales position for Russian and CIS countries. Her love for communication makes a perfect Sales consultant. Alexandra is fond of handicrafts and travelling. 

Alexandra Hlouskova - Easy Software

Klara is an experienced IT specialist and Redmine consultant with broad range of foreign languages. She loves making trips to countryside.

Klara Zamazalova Redmine Consultant

Lilia is an experienced Redmine administrator. As a Redmine consultant, she has met many organizations and implemented Easy Redmine for them. She studied IT management in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lilia Schmidt - Redmine consultant and administrator

Dagmar is a Sales Consultant with project management background. She loves hiking, cats, her family and a cup of good coffee.

Dagmar Kusnirova Easy Redmine Consultant

Gabriela is a member of the consultant team. She loves volleyball, travelling and books.

Easy Redmine - Gabriela Hynková

Eliska came to Easy from a corporation that offered consulting and tech services, where she worked as a financial analyst and was responsible for finances of various projects. In Easy Eliska works as implementation consultant. She loves sports of all kinds, especially futsal, kayaking and skiing. She is a curious person, so she takes up any opportunity to explore the world.

Eliska Kadubcova - Easy Redmine

Jan is a member of the consultant team with education in international trade and project management. He is interested in basketball, cooking and history. He loves travelling.

Easy Redmine - Jan Řeřicha

Stanislava work in Easy as an implementation consultant. She is our walking management textbook of all kinds - for projects, processes, knowledge, etc. She loves to spend time outdoors with her children, loves piano, Mensa and Prague Chess Association. 

Stanislava Hruskova - Easy Redmine

Robert works in Easy as the quality and support manager. He has vast experience with all Easy Redmine features and therefore can provide you with an excellent customer service.

Robert Kovacik - Redmine consultant and support

Dominika is here to provide support to our clients. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask her - she will be happy to help you.

Dominika Petzova - Client Support

Vendula works as a HelpDesk specialist and Tester in Easy Software. She likes nature and spends her free time travelling and relaxing with a book.

Vendula Kreuzova - HelpDesk Specialist in Easy Redmine

Boris is a Helpdesk Specialist in Easy Software. He likes spending time in countryside and loves all kinds of sports.

Vladimir work in Easy as a IT Help Desk and provides our clients with support. He loves all kinds of games, includes computer and table games. He likes to read (Sci-Fi and fantasy), follows series, cooks and bakes, his specialty are cupcakes.

Vladimir Svarc - Easy Redmine

Petr is company CTO and his mission is clear - perfectly functional Easy Redmine. Quality food and beer lover.

Pet Pospíšil Easy Software

Lukas is a senior developer with stunning breadth of skills. Loves Star Wars and bake delightful muffins - the best in the whole Empire.

Lukas Pokorny Easy Software

Milos is Easy UX designer. His main responsibility is Your visual satisfaction. He loves design in all forms.

Miloš Vlach Easy Software

Daria is originally from Russia, she studies in UCT Prague and is interested in front-end development. She likes to learn new languages and read articles on various topics. She is interested in human rights, ecology, cultural differences, web development and Sci-Fi. Easy is her first serious job experience. 

Daria Doronina - Easy Redmine

Dominik joined Easy as a junior front-end developer. He likes to learn new things. He studied hydrology and worked for two year as a graphic designer in DTP. In his free time he likes to play recreational football and spend time in the mountains 

Dominik Walter - Easy Redmine

Marek takes care about servers. New hi-tech and kung-fu lover.

Martin Syrovy Easy Software Administrator

Ondrej is our developer, he likes to learn about new technologies, which help him in his personal development. He is looking for a new challenge and likes to work on new projects, in which he can fully exploit his skills.

Ondrej Pop - Easy Redmine

Jaroslav is skilled Redmine developer with experience in sales. His slightly different point of view makes him the valuable member of programming team.

Jaroslav Böhmer Easy Software

Pavel is a Ruby On Rail developer. He loves coffee and backpacking.

Alena Vejsadova - Redmine consultant

Dominik is an experienced Ruby On Rails developer with excellent analytical skills. He likes cycling in all seasons.

Dominik Pralovski Easy Software

Ondrej is an experienced developer with a background from Czech Technical University in Prague. Likes nature and photographing.

Ondřej Ezr Easy Software

Ivan is the newest develop member of our Easy family. He started to program during his studies. He likes spending his free time with his family and friends. He loves ping-pong, bowling and explore computers.

Ivan Marangoz - Easy Redmine

Ondrej is member of Easy team since 2013. Programming in Ruby On Rails is not just his job, but hobby as well.

Ondrej Moravcik Easy Software

Jiri works in Easy as Ruby On Rails Developer. He likes to play computer games, but likes to sport too.

Jiri Bruk Redmine Developer

Petr works in Easy as Redmine developer. He likes travelling and exploring new countries.

Petr Hosek Easy Software developer

Jakub has a year of experience in PHP programming (NETTE).  He like sports, including hockey, american football, he also likes cooking, especially on a grill, photography, and reading books by Stephan King and Steven Erikson. 

Jakub Merta Easy Software

Zdenek is our developer. He likes to work on fun and fast-paced application without unnecessary limitation. He likes to take long walk.

Zdenek Micoch Easy Software

Constantin is a second year student in IT faculty in CTU. So far he really enjoy programming, he learned a lot in university, however he learned RoR all by himself and he really likes it. His hobbies include self-learning and volleyball.

Constantin Grosu Easy Software

Josef works in Easy as front-end developer since 2007. He loves his wife and Red Dwarf series.

Josef Brehovsky Easy Redmine

Viktor is skilled web developer. He likes cycling, nature and all kind of interesting technology stuff.

Viktor Jelinek Easy Software

Jakub works in Easy as marketing manager and he is responsible for content and social marketing. Loves music and extreme sports.

Jakub Ryba - Easy Software

Sabina works in Easy as creative marketing assistant and helps with content and visual optimization of our web. In her free time she loves to draw and study zoology. 

Sabina Makhmudova Easy Software

Honza is UX designer. He loves the harmony and dogs.

Lukas Hubka Easy Redmine Consultant

Lukáš pracuje v Easy jako specialista obsahového marketingu a softwarové dokumentace (technické psaní). Zaměřuje se na vytváření komplexních návodů, jak postupovat Easy Redmine. Je to velmi dobrý hráč ping-pongu, filozof a milovník koček.

Lukáš Beňa Specialista obsahového marketingu a softwarové dokumentace (technické psaní)

Pavel works in Easy as web administrator. He likes running, listening to music and playing computer games.

Pavel Sima - Web Administrator

Lucie takes care about colleagues as a back-office manager. She loves golf, floorball and fine rums.

Lucie Jauernigova Easy Redmine

Gabriella is our newest member of back-office team. She used to work in a bank, both in the front- and back-office, so she is very capable of working with both people and numbers. She loves to read books, especially fantasy and Sci-Fi. During her maternity leave she took up sewing, which eventually became her most favorite hobby. 

Gabriela Jannova Easy Software

Monika cares about the team Easy, creates new offer of jobs and trains new members. She loves joga and good food.

Monika Jornickova Office Manager-Easy Redmine

In Easy Ivona holds the position of Senior Happiness Offices, she is responsible for people strategies, education, mentoring and recruitment. Ivona is a professional coach and she like to guide people in their development, she like to communicate with people and motivate them. She is a member of International Coach Federation. Besides coaching, her hobbies include spending time with her family, dancing, theater and cycling. 

Ivona Metelkova Easy Software

Jaroslava takes care of Easy accounting - no one know as much about "Easy Number", as she does. In her free time she likes to do various sports.

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What actually is Easy Redmine?

Easy Redmine is an Open Source software for complex project management with extensions for resources, finance and customer management. In the cloud or on your own server, all comes with professional implementation and support.

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Easy Redmine Drives More Than 1400 Organisations Worldwide

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What users say about Easy Redmine on Capterra?

  • All in one application - that is Easy Redmine

    Aug 25, 2015

    RTL Radio use Easy Redmine to maintain help desk, resources, attendance and of course all IT and software projects. We like the complexity - using all-in-one solution is just wonderful.

    Timo Muller
    Chief Information Officer , RTL Radio Deutschland GmbH
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • AllInOneSolution for project management

    Apr 5, 2016

    Easy Redmine is a great software that helps us manage project costs, better define our work and is packed with many features that were missing in Redmine. All this embedded in a user-friendly interface.

    Nelson Rodrigues
    Belo Solutions
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Better control over cost and staffing resources

    Mar 24, 2016

    We adopted Easy Redmine six months ago in order to control all of our web projects. We are very happy as we now have a strong visibility in terms of control of costs and staffing resources and we also have a powerful tool for interaction with our customers.

    Cyril Lécot
    Operations Manager , Netquarks
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Easy and robust project management

    Apr 21, 2016

    EasyRedmine is a real step-forward compared to Redmine! More functionalities thanks to many plugins. Better user interface. Very reactive and professional customer service.

    IT Department
    Monaco Paradigm
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Help desk solutions

    Jun 29, 2016

    Professional solution with a lot of features. It help us to manage our customers in more efficient way. Highly recommended especially if you are IT company.

    Felicien Bikang
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Lot of useful extra plugins

    Jun 11, 2016

    Akquinet is using Redmine for years. We love all the extra plugins and support that Easy Redmine delivers to let us focus on our job.

    Konrad Mattheis
    Head of Consulting , Akquinet
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Powerful Project Management Tool

    Apr 27, 2016

    Simple Interface and easy to use. Flexible and fit your own need.

    Helen Tang
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Very good software for planning and reporting IT projects

    Apr 6, 2016

    We use Easy Redmine every day to plan projects and all staff reports the time they work using the brilliant timer feature. 

    Mattias Eriksson
    Team manager , People and Solutions AB
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support
  • Very useful product!

    Apr 6, 2016

    Our working environment is all based on easy redmine product- tasks, milestones, all managed in one platform which helps us to planing, view progress and more! 

    Alon Almog
    IT , Gita Technologies
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support

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