Common Problems While Installing and Updating Redmine

Many businesses face difficulties when competing in their respective industries. They find everyday business tasks and activities grow challenging because of an outdated system. Since technology is rapidly improving, the business world has grown more competitive.


New innovative ideas and technologies, such as machine learning, allow various businesses to perform tasks and processes with automation tools.


You can find a variety of tools in the market to perform any task. You can also hire IT to create your own software and tools, depending on your preference and requirement. Isn’t that great?


This has changed the way we operate businesses. We can find solutions to our problems and bring effectiveness and efficiency with minimal time. By automating the business process, employees focus on different activities and tasks, building their pillars even higher.


Similarly, Redmine is one of the most popular open-source applications, and tools businesses use for project management. Not only businesses, many universities, and agencies also use this tool to enhance efficiency. Besides project management, Redmine is also an issue tracker that generates reports in real-time and helps you create templates, organize queries when a customer creates an issue, submit the customer service team, locate the problem, and solve the issue.


What is Redmine


Many IT teams rely on Redmine as an issue tracker. With this tool, they can easily collaborate on bugs, tasks, and features. However, you can rely on this tool for other functions as well. These include completing a project through collaboration within teams and sharing educating content with employees. A major reason why this tool is popular among experts and professionals is that it is open-source. In an open-source application, anybody can open the source code of the tool and contribute to the project.


Why you Should Use Open Source Application


There are various benefits of installing an open-source application, such as Redmine, for your project management. Here are those benefits:


1. Open Standards


Open-source software has the compatibility to connect with other software for better performance. They also allow you to customize the tool and IT system's ability according to the requirement.


2. Quality and Reliability


You will find that all open-source software, such as Redmine, offers high quality and reliability. You cannot compromise business activities by using unreliable software.


3. Low Fee and Cost


Open-Source software is mostly cost you little or nothing. This saves a lot of your money to perform project management activities. You can download and install the Redmine tool for free.


4. Transparency


Redmine and other open-source software are trustworthy and transparent in performance. That is the reason why many professionals choose these types of tools.


5. Adaptable and Flexible


Another great thing about these software types is that you can customize the tool according to your needs. You do not have to work on a standard template. So when you use tools like Redmine, you are not bound.


6. Innovative and Developmental


The community of open source tools is very active. Tools like Redmine are popular in solving issues and problems to facilitate users. You can develop the software as your business is growing. Furthermore, with the customization benefits, you can bring new ideas and contribute to its growth.


7. Security


The level of security is higher in this software. If the community finds any gap, they immediately take action. This can save you from cyber-attacks and data breaches securing your business information.


8. High Performance and Stability


This software's performance and stability are very high-tested and stable technologies power software like Redmine. When you are working on various projects, you cannot compromise on the software's performance and instability. You need to be active all the time.


Common Problems and Solutions


As Redmine is an open-source application, you will find various technical issues due to the server's configuration. Below you will find some problems and potential solutions:


Error in the SQL Syntax


Sometimes when you are updating your Redmine application, you may receive a message. The message says, “You have a syntax error; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version.”An outdated server is why you face this issue, so the tool cannot understand the request. To solve this issue, you should update the database before updating it. You should back up your database and download the latest version of MySQL.


Icons are Missing


When you use the suffix in your Redmine URL, you will encounter this error. If you are experiencing this issue, you need to ensure that RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT variables are configured to the correct suffix.


  • To solve this problem, you need to create another configuration file that is config/additional_environment.rb.

  • Now config action_controller.relative_url_root = (the suffix)

  • Now you need to precompile the assets and then restart the server to solve the problem.


Internal Error 500


When your tool is displaying internal error 500, you should follow these instructions to solve the issue:


  • Check if your server meets the requirements by running the requirements check and resolving the failed validations.

  • Before going through the process, you should back up your database.

  • Now you need to download the updated and latest version.

  • You need to ensure that the webserver has complete access to the log, tmp, public files, and folders.

  • Now without performing a development test, you need to run the installation of the bundle.

  • Now run bundle exec rake easyproject:install RAILS_ENV=production

  • Now restart the server of the application.

  • If you find any 3rd party plugin installed in the database, you need to delete those plugins.




Now, as you know about how you can solve Redmine's most common problems, you can follow the instructions and help yourself out. There are various benefits of using Redmine for project management tasks and issue tracking. As this is an open-source tool, you will not find various benefits in other closed source software.


Author: Brandi Marcene, Lukáš Beňa



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