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Synchronizing and migrating data from third-party systems into Easy Redmine (and vice versa) has never been easier. We introduce the PM Integrator, an all-in-one integration tool compatible with Jira, Redmine, Easy Project, Easy Redmine as well as Helios, SAP, Oracle, Pohoda, Money, etc.

As long as Easy Redmine does exist on the market, we focus on showing regular Redmine users how to make their project management one step better from what they have already been used to. We believe the PM Integrator is an important element of such an effort. Why?

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Redmine PM Integrator is an integration all-rounder

The PM Integrator represents another integration and synchronization option that extends the variety of our already existing tools such as Zapier (#2) and standard data imports. It enables data transfer between various systems like from project management to ERP or accounting systems and back.

It contains connectors and support interfaces for the most popular third-party applications like Jira, Redmine, Easy Project, Easy Redmine as well as Helios, SAP, Oracle, Pohoda, Money just like other popular software solutions.

Easy Redmine 2019 - PM Integrator

Easy Redmine 2019 - PM Integrator

The key features of the PM Integrator include:

  • Modular scalability of interfaces (Rest API, DB connection, XML, CSV)
  • Intuitive graphical interface for mapping attributes from one system to another
  • Ability to set up the regularity of transactions and track progress statistics
  • Compatibility with Windows/Linux platform

Get an instant overview of your financial performance

As was already said, the PM Integrator is an all-purpose integration tool for data migration between Easy Redmine and third-party systems. However, its added value depends on your own creativity in how you choose to use it.

Most importantly, this tool can be used to get an online overview of the financial performance of your projects inside your accounting system. Typical examples are hours spent on projects that are used as an input for employee or subcontractors wages, and clear company finance controlling.

Easy Redmine 2019 - PM Integrator

Easy Redmine 2019 - PM Integrator

The key benefits of the PM Integrator include:

  • Makes integration fast and easy like never before
  • Compatible with the most popular project management and ERP software solutions
  • Finance transparency across the company
  • Removing manual work when transcribing work logs (spent time)
  • Speed up invoicing process

Do you fancy this handy integration and synchronization tool? Check out the video tutorial or purchase it right away. To get your first experience with Easy Redmine, just start the free trial. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know.


Author: Lukáš Beňa

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