Release notes: Update Redmine installer

Keep your redmine installer up-to-date before installing the current version.

Please note that before upgrading to Easy Redmine 2018 1.2 (platform 04.00 and higher), you need to update redmine installer in your ruby.

The command is

$ gem install redmine-installer

When doing a clean installation, this step is of course a part of the installation procedure as described here.

Possible problems if you don't update redmine installer

You will get an error during installation containing some of the below

[!] There was an error parsing `Gemfile`:
[!] There was an error parsing `Gemfile`: cannot load such file --
#  plugin 'rys-bundler', github: 'easysoftware/rys-bundler', branch: 'master'
 >  Plugin.hook('rys-gemfile', self)
Bundler cannot continue.

How to solve the error directly?

rm -rf .bundle Gemfile.lock
bundle update

However, this may still not help. It is still important that you update to the last version of redmine installer.

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