Redmine Plugins Are Over. Now Is the Time for All-in-One Solutions

Working with Redmine, you have most probably experienced the pleasure and pain of plug-ins. Watching for updates, waiting for further bug fixing, and generally dealing with their technical complexity is simply annoying. Moreover, it takes your time to waste.


So, either you continue your struggle or just get a worldwide tested and proven all-in-one Redmine solution. Take a look at the new Easy Redmine 11, its functions, and perks!


1. Redmine vs. Easy Redmine 11 – a puzzle vs. a nice piece of work


No doubt Redmine is a popular and essential project management tool for hundreds of companies. But let's be honest – using (or even considering using) Redmine, sooner or later you will experience a lack of several functions you demand. Let's say you need to:


  • Divide your project into smaller units to get your work better organized.
    Easy Redmine 11 solution: Work breakdown structure mindmaps.


  • Get a clear and up-to-date overview of your resources' capacities.
    Easy Redmine 11 solution: Resource Management.


  • Plan the milestones and tasks chronology.
    Easy Redmine 11 solution: Gantt Chart.


Besides, with Easy Redmine 11, you get a set of another 25+ tools for your daily operations (e.g. Time Tracker, Calendar, Scheduler, or Checklists & To-Do Lists). This will permanently ease your work because you will eliminate losing your time by searching for, downloading, and implementing tens of plug-ins.


However, what we bet you will appreciate the most in the newest version is its technological background. Easy Redmine 11 is the first Redmine extension ever to run on Rails 6, plus Ruby 3.0, Sidekiq, and others. That is what makes it a stable, fast, and top-performing tool for the project and company management.


And one more thing – Redmine is not a pretty guy. Working in its non-existing interface does not make it a tool you look forward to running and starting your work. Easy Redmine 11, on the contrary, runs in a fresh, modern interface with lots of handy UX improvements. It is perfectly suitable for the technical type of work (and people) while it also looks good and incomparable user-friendlier than the Redmine itself.



“Imagine your Redmine is fast, pretty,
and full of tools you need. Plus, always available
as a native mobile app.“




2. Four features to upgrade your everyday work


In general, Easy Redmine 11 is an extensible and faster Redmine upgrade with a compact collection of all the demanded features in a uniform UX and UI instead of searching for and later updating visually different plug-ins.


Easy Redmine 11 comes up with both visual and technological improvements resulting in a better project and team management, delivery performance, and flexibility.


This is the list of the top 5 most popular benefits (and the features behind them) that make the main difference between Easy Redmine 11 and Redmine:


  • Modern interface – still simple and easy to use, but much more user-friendly, enjoyable, and fresher than the one in Redmine


  • Fast response – among others, Easy Redmine 11 runs on Rails 6, Ruby 3.0, and Sidekiq, which makes it (and your work) incomparably faster


  • Mobile app – new native app boosts your flexibility: create and assign tasks, respond with quick comments, and track your time from wherever


  • Instant results – any amount of data you go through, by applying Dynamic filters, you will significantly speed up your searching



3. Why is the team behind important


Choosing the right project management software for your company is a project itself: it requires deep research and perfect knowledge of your processes (and also what you want to improve and why). And, when you finally choose the one, there comes another big project: the implementation.


At this point, you can 100% rely on the Easy Redmine team – by upgrading you receive:


  • Software implementation – migration causes stress to many and we know it. But to migrate from your current Redmine solution to Easy Redmine is easy, we promise. You will get a dedicated implementation expert that will guide you through and makes sure your migration is flawless.


  • Professional support – ask about anything and get your answers directly from the Easy Redmine creators. Conversations with and feedback from our customers are an important part of our inspiration for development. The other one is our daily work with Easy Redmine.


  • Integration – you can integrate Easy Redmine 11 with almost whatever tool you use. Let's simply name some: Redmine, MS Excel, MS Project, Jira, or Asana. You can also get a two-click integration with GitLab and run the application on the Microsoft Azure platform.



All-in-one Redmine on Rails 6? Easy.

Upgrade to improved tools for project planning, management, and control.


Discover Easy Redmine




Easy Redmine


In conclusion


Easy Redmine is the No.1 worldwide Redmine solution. But it is not only thanks to the top technologies it runs on – it is people who have created it, work with it daily, and constantly upgrade it. The same people who will help you with the smooth implementation, integration, and migration too. Give Easy Redmine 11 a try – test managing your projects for 30 days free and see how it works in comparison with your current Redmine solution.


Author: Jan Pop


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