New features of Easy Redmine 2014 v3.2

We have improved user experience via "Tags" and main menu definition per user type.  Any project can be set as a "help desk" project.

Tags above all entities

Any filter can be saved as a tag which displays in a page heading next to the headline. This little tweak makes filters easily accessible.

Tags above projects


Tags above tasks


Avatars in tasks' lists

Redmine is all about lists which look monotone sometimes. We have made it more vivid via avatars of assignees.


Customizable main menu

Main menu of the Easy Redmine can be defined per user type now. It is useful for example for the help desk users, who do not need to see all menu items. You can have as many user types as you need thus you can have different menu for clients, sales staff, programmers etc.

Custom menu for the help desk client


Definition per user type



Redmine as a complex Help Desk now

Any project can be set as a "help desk" project. Help Desk is afterwards adjustable from project settings.

Redmine Help Desk Setting



SLA on tasks

If the SLA is set, tasks have respective fields afterwards - time is down counted to SLA deadline


Help Desk Projects in Redmine

Help Desk projects have new fields for quick monitoring:

  • Help Desk prepaid hours according to SLA
  • Hours worked last month
  • Hours worked this month



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