Track Billable Hours in Your Firm Effortlessly with Easy Redmine and TimeCamp Integration.

Easy Redmine's integration with TimeCamp allows you to focus only on your work, because the time-tracking app records worked time automatically.

If you do work on Easy Redmine, you know how effective it is for businesses. With Easy Redmine, you control every detail of extensive projects. You communicate easily with all team members. You keep up-to-date with every change, all the time.

So what more can you squeeze from that?

You will surely be happy to do all this:

  • Gather data about time allocation across tasks, projects, employees, and clients in one place
  • Generate reports to analyze time consumption and workers' engagement and to estimate budgets for future projects
  • Create accurate invoices for clients
  • Never miss a single billable hour

You only need to do a quick and painless integration with TimeCamp time tracker.

What's in a TimeCamp integration for you?

1. Automatic time tracking

Time tracking is effective and beneficial when users don't forget to use a timer or fill in time sheets. With TimeCamp, your team will not have to bother with that. The desktop application records every single computer activity automatically, so:

  • You don't have to stop work to operate it each time you switch to a new task—you can focus on what is important: your work.
  • You can see all your activity day by day and give tasks names in your free time.
  • You can analyze and compare task durations and employee engagement, generating truly useful reports.

Graphical timesheet in TimeCamp. Computer activities are being recorded and shown in the thin column on the right. Analyze them, choose a task they belong to and enter it in the wide column on the left.

2. Automatic task duration exporting from Easy Redmine to TimeCamp


If you got used to operating Easy Redmine's timer, just work as you did before and let TimeCamp do its job. These integrated apps are fully synchronized. TimeCamp will keep exporting tasks from Easy Redmine straight to its database every hour. Then you will be able to watch them in TimeCamp's time sheets and reports.


3. Full picture of time allocation in your company

Analyze and compare time allocation in any view. Watch employee timetables, attendance, activities, and away time. Generate helpful reports using categories and filters to fit your needs. Measure all billable hours and create flawless invoices for your clients.

Go to Easy Redmine and TimeCamp Integration's site to make running your business easier than ever before.


Author: Jan Godlewski, marketing specialist and copywriter in Time Solutions Company

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