Release notes: Contacts and CRM changes in version 2018.00.05

Please read before installing version 2018.00.05 if you use CRM and Contacts plugins.

What's new?

Contact-CRM relations

Previously: Any number of contacts could be related to any number of CRM cases (deals). There was no simple way to determine which related contact is the customer.

Now: New field on CRM case called Customer - here you choose the actual customer buying your products or services. The other related contacts may be partners or resellers, who should also be connected to the deal.

contacts release notes2



Looking at a contact, there are more sections for CRM cases.

contacts release notes

  • Customer business - CRM cases where this contact is the Customer
  • Indirect business - related CRM cases


Lists and filters

CRM case list may show and/or be filtered by information on its contacts. New sections for contact attributes were added: Customer, Custom fields on customer. These fields use data from the Customer. While sections Contact and Contact custom fields use data from related contacts on the CRM case.


contacts release notes3 contacts release notes4 


Why does this require a release note?

Upgrading to this version will perform the following changes in your system:

  • CRM case has one related contact => the contact is moved from related contacts to Customer
  • CRM case has more than one related contact
  • 1. The contact that is in your default contact type is moved from related contacts to Customer
  • 2. If none or more contacts are in the default contact type, the contact that was first added to this CRM case is moved from related contacts to Customer

This transfer is done for better reporting possibilities above CRM cases in more complex business models. Naturally, no data will be removed or lost, it is a 1-to-1 migration.

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