Release notes: Upgrading to Easy Redmine 2018 with custom theme

Please read, if you have a custom theme in your application. This article is for users of the discontinued plugin Branding designer.

Server solution

Before installing Easy Redmine 2018, please verify on a test environment that your custom theme works correctly. Most importantly: logo, background image, custom CSS. If something is off, you will need to revise the custom CSS you are using, possibly reupload logo and background image.

Cloud solution

We strongly recommend to disable custom theme with own custom CSS file until after the planned update to Easy Redmine 2018 (scheduled for 2nd November). After the update, you can verify whether your custom CSS works on the new version and possibly update it if needed.

Want to get a new professionally designed theme?

Our UX experts are ready to brand your Easy Redmine in company colors and logos. Find out more about custom branding here.

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