Centralized resource management in Redmine - a dream or nightmare?

Will centralized resource management in Redmine help maximize resource use or change project planning into a nightmare for project managers?

Human resources are the biggest corporate expense. The need to ensure that your human resource planning is well thought out and fully exploited is a critical aspect of projects.

Before you hire more resources, you need to make sure that the workforce you have at your disposal is fully utilized. There is nothing worse than adding more resources just to realize that you do not have enough work for them.

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy

Resource management software for Redmine helps you manage resources for existing and potential projects. This will get you the right resources with the best skills allocated to projects and tasks where they are most needed.

This tool will help you plan, schedule, and predict the burden of specific users or work roles at the project or task level.

All businesses plan their resources. They must do so with their employees and suppliers. Depending on the size of the enterprise, the type of tools used usually differs. Initial planning by a small company on a blackboard will gradually develop with further expansion.

A larger company will certainly require the introduction of a set of metrics to achieve its financial goals. In any case, when you need or want to invest in a resource management system, there are some advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy


Overview of allocations

The central resource system will provide you with a visual overview or a resource allocation report.

Predictability of capacities

Project planning software will show you where you have resources for assigning new tasks.

Time tracking

With project management software, you can track the progress of a project, validate work estimates, and accumulate related costs.

Time organization

Depending on the type of implementation of resource planning software, each source can see the overall status of the project and the progress of its tasks.

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy


Security and privacy

Even if the system is password-protected, experienced hackers, for which your data is of great value, will barely get discouraged. The possibility of introducing additional security measures, such as limiting access only from certain IP addresses, should, therefore, be a matter of course.

Human error

Any resource planning system requires data to be added manually, which increases the risk of human mistake. For example, if the start and end date of a resource allocation are incorrect, it could have a negative impact on the project schedule and, consequently, on the customer.

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy

Redmine Resouce Dashboard Plugin by Easy


Using a resource management system will clearly help you meet your business goals. By comparing (not only) the advantages and disadvantages of various resource planning tools, you can easily find the ideal solution for your needs.


For more information, see the technical documentation.


Author: Lukáš Beňa

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