What's new in Easy Redmine version 2016.07

The new official update of Easy Redmine version 2016.07 is released. Let's see what's interesting in there! The complete version changelog is available here.

This is a brief description (with screenshots) that quickly introduces the best new features of the new version.


WBS - quick task edit

Work on WBS just got even quicker. When you click on a task, you will see its attributes and comments in a sidebar. You can edit the task, view history, add coworkers and comments directly without leaving WBS chart.


Easy Redmine 2016.07 WBS

Easy Redmine 2016.07 WBS


Filtering Resource Management by project fields

It is now possible to filter tasks in Resource Management according to fields of their project. This is especially useful in global Resource Managment.


Easy Redmine 2016.07 Resource Management

Easy Redmine 2016.07 Resource Management


Contacts in tree structure (parent-child)

Contacts support tree structure (parent-child) to better organize multiple contacts per one organization.


Easy Redmine 2016.07 Related contacts

Easy Redmine 2016.07 Related contacts


Drag & drop – related contacts

You can link contacts together by drag and drop. When you are on a contact detail, find a contact in the sidebar, drag it onto the contact you are currently on - they become related.


Easy Redmine 2016.07 Contacts

Easy Redmine 2016.07 Contacts


Redmine 3.3.3 support

Redmine 3.3.3 is the supported version in Easy Redmine 2016.07. Though, some features of Redmine may be removed due to functional conflicts with Easy.


For more information about changes in the new version, please visit the full changelog.


Important notes

Before installing the update, please read:

If your current installed version is lower than 2016.06.00, also check:

Get ready for the feature versions:


Author: Lukáš Beňa

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