Technical news: Important change in version 2016.06.03 (wiki inline images)

Please read before updating to version 2016.06.03 or higher.

In order to increase speed of the application and save space on disk, wiki has been changed in the following way.

New behaviour:
Pasting image directly into the text will save the image as attachment. The text will contain a virtual link to the attachment. As a result, you will see the image in the text as normally expected. It will just be stored more effectively as before.

Previous behaviour:
Image was saved directly in the text in base64, which used up a great amount of space directly in the database. Furthermore, it generated enormous amount of text, which slows down full-text search within the application.

Related changes:
This behaviour is already applied to all other text fields which support attachments (task description and comments, knowledge posts, etc.). It was still missing wiki, though. In version 2016.06.03, it is finally implemented.

This change is not applied historically = existing wiki pages are not changed, images within them are kept in base64.
However, every edit and save of a wiki page will perform the conversion of pasted images into atachments.

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