Resource management 2014 discontinued from version 2016.06

This only concerns clients using Resource management plugin. After the release of Easy Redmine 2016.06, there will only be one official version of Resource management.

The old version (Resource management 2014) will be removed from supported plugins list. Read on for more detailed information. Resource management 2014 (RM 2014) has come to its conclusion and will be completely replaced by Resource management 2016 (RM 2016). The final step will happen in release of Easy Redmine version 2016.06 (planned for beginning of April), when it will cease to be distributed to server and cloud clients. Removing RM 2014 will increase overall speed of your application - by removing complicated background calculations related to daily hour allocation on users. Your Easy Redmine will run more smoothly.

What does it mean?


All cloud instances updated to version 2016.06 will have RM 2014 uninstalled and replaced by RM 2016. All current cloud applications are already running on RM 2016, so you will, in fact, not notice the change. But now, the old version will be physically removed.

Your data like tasks, estimated time, due dates, etc. will of course not be affected in any way, all will be kept.

However, data directly concerning the actual RM 2014 module (like saved filters on RM 2014) will be removed along with the plugin.

If for any reason, you are still using RM 2014 in your cloud and would like to stick with it, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the request to stay on Easy Redmine version 2016.05. We will then make sure that your site will not be updated.


Your client zone will automatically replace RM 2014 by RM 2016 => generated package from client zone will be missing a plugin you have installed.

Before installing 2016.06 update, you will need to make sure that RM 2014 is uninstalled from your server. Instructions for uninstallation of RM 2014 are available here.

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