Check out new version of Easy Redmine 2016.05

The new official Easy Redmine 2016 release is 2016.05. Compatible Redmine version is 3.3.1. Check out new features! The complete version changelog is available here.

This is a brief description (with screenshots) that quickly introduces the best new features of the new version.


New plugin: Earned Value Management

A new plugin for Easy Redmine is just available via the Customer Portal. Earned Value Management (EVM), or Earned Value Project/Performance Management (EVPM) is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner. In a single integrated system, EVM is able to provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems, thus significantly contributing to good project performance. It is therefore considered a Performance Management approach. Tutorial:




Agile Board plugin strongly improved

Agile Board plugin has been strongly improved since this version. Newly, you can easily switch between Scrum and Kanban methodologies. It is a complex board for agile management. There are sprints, backlogs, charts and swim-lanes. First, the sprint backlog is created from the project backlog and then, during stand-up meetings, tasks are moved on the board using a drag & drop feature. Managers then monitor sprint progress in the charts. Tutorial:
If you are using Agile board currently, please make sure to check these release notes about the major changes.




Presets for SLA

When adding a project to helpdesk (or editing helpdesk settings), it is now possible to copy SLA settings from a different project so you don't need to set SLA manually every time anymore. This is especially handy when you have many client projects with multiple SLA levels.




Helpdesk emails separated from other attachments on task detail

This feature is useful with Help desk plugin. Emails that are processed by Help desk into tickets have a separate section on the ticket detail. This section also contains emails that are sent to external recipients. This makes the general attachments more usable, when the communication part is removed.




Function suggester in search

New feature into Search. You can also get suggestions for Actions within the application. For example Create new task, go to global settings, view favorite knowledge posts, etc. This is a great step in accelerating navigation - no need to look for buttons anymore! The feature can be activated in More: Administration: Settings: General: Enable search suggester.




Projects list - context menu

A brand new context menu has been added to the project list with options to: Edit, Jump to module, Manage modules, Add members, Copy, Create subproject, Create template, Close, Archive, and Delete.




New column on project list - last comment

Project list extended with column Last comment. It shows date and content of last comment made directly on the project (project >> settings >> history - see below).




Project history

Now you can see an overall history of a project by opening Project: Setting: History. Here is the complete list of what concerns all project updates, such as setting changes, user comments, custom field changes, etc.




Move setting of tracker creation from workflow to roles

The original setting under workflow - Deny creation of tasks in this tracker - has been replaced by the new Redmine permission management in roles and permissions. There you can set permissions for task viewing and creation per tracker. Tutorial:




Grouping of Custom Fields

Custom fields on tasks and CRM cases can be sorted to groups, which act as tabs on the view of the entity. This will help clean up the task and CRM case header.




"The most used" attributes

Filters and columns on a task list were extended with new "Most used" attributes which can be found at the very top of the list. This keeps you informed about which attributes are most used within tasks. The attributes are sorted alphabetically.




New chat

The chat function in Easy Redmine has been rejuvenated as for design and behavior.




Redmine 3.3.1 support

Easy Redmine 2016.05 runs on Redmine 3.3.1.


Author: Lukáš Beňa

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