Check out new version of Easy Redmine 2016.4

The new official Easy Redmine 2016 release is 2016.4. Compatible Redmine version is 3.3.0. Check out new features!

Complete version change-log is available here.

This is a brief description (with screenshots) that quickly introduces the best new features of new version...↓↓↓


Full text search setting

In the previous version of ER the full text search applied first just on the tasks. Now global setting for default full text search areas (tasks, documents, knowledge,…) is available to you.

When searching from homepage or any place out of a certain context, the setting will take effect. When searching from a page in context (task list, knowledge base) the context will take effect. 

Go to More > Administration > Setting > Default full-text search types

Full Text Search Setting Easy Redmine screenshot


Entity tagging

Inspired (and taken) from keyword function in Knowledge base, tags expand its use to all these entities:



•helpdesk projects

•knowledge posts - previously keywords


•CRM cases




•easy pages


The tags are visible on the detail of each entity, when you click on the tag, it will open a window with all entities which use this tag.

There can be multiple tags on each entity.

Entity tagging Easy Redmine screenshot 


Spent time per day not more then XY hours

Restriction for number of allowed hours logged on one day. 

Go to More > Administration > Setting > Spent timeDaily limit  

Daily entry limit Easy Redmine screenshot


Therefore it is not possible to log in more hours per day than given limit.

Daily entry limit2 Easy Redmine screenshot



Users type - visibility enhancement

New setting in user type administration: Visible to user types

This is very helpful when creating a new user type. You are able to select which other types it is visible to.

Go to More > Administration > User types > Select particular role  > Visible to user types

Users type visibility enhancement easy redmine screenshot

+ selections of "Visible user types" now contains option <<all>> 


Inline for target milestone

Ability to change milestone on task detail inline (with the pencil button). Note: Unlike standard editing of milestone on task, inline edit doesn't change the task due date.

 Inline for target milestone Easy Redmine screenshot


Partial admin for page customization

New area for partial admin - page customization

User with this admin privilege will see this item in administration and will be able to perform all the available actions within.


+ many more minor features - view change log.


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