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The new official Easy Redmine 2016 release is 2016.02. Compatible Redmine version is 3.2.1. Check out new features!

Complete version changelog is available here.

This is a brief description (with screenshots) that quickly introduces the best new features of new version...↓↓↓


Checklist on tasks

This is the new project level module.

1. Turn on via Modules >> Easy Checklist

Checklist on task Easy Redmine 2016 screenshot1

2. Choose desired settings. You can save checklist as a template as well, so it can save you time in future.

Checklist on task Easy Redmine 2016 screenshot2

 3. During creation of a new task just insert desired items in your checklist.

Checklist on task Easy Redmine 2016 screenshot3

4. After succesful creation of the new task, checklist appears in an overview below.

Checklist on task Easy Redmine 2016 screenshot4


-X days +Y days

Filtering all date attributes by variable interval [-x] days [+y] days.

XdaysYdays custom date range filtering Easy Redmine


Filtering and listing spent time on CRM cases

Time spent on CRM cases can be listed and filtered. New filters introduced - entity type.

That was before possible just on tasks. Very useful for reports of sales team-members or whole sales department.

Filtering and listing spent time on CRM cases Easy Redmine 2016 

New column - last updated by

Very handy feature especially for project managers, who are responsible for delivery of tasks/projects. One quick look and you immediatelly know who updated task as last.

Last updated by Easy Redmine 2016



Do not send notification about this update

When you are updating task with small/minor change that is not important for task/project team members (i.e change of description), then just check-box "Don't send notification" option during updating of task and your coworker's will not be notified. Simple feature, but time saving of whole company can be huge in the end.

Dont send notification feature Easy Redmine 2016 



User interface improvements

When you click on the avatar profile photo, the user's profile opens in pop-up window. Before you had to leave current task and find user through "users" icon in menu OR open user's profile in different browser tab.

Assignees profile in popup Easy Redmine 2016


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