Check out new version of Easy Redmine 2016 - 1.1

As of 22nd February 2016, the official Easy Redmine 2016 release is 1.1. Check out new features.

Compatible Redmine version remains 3.1.3, although we will be releasing a build with Redmine 3.2 in the next weeks.

Changelog will follow shortly.


Task history divided into sections

Task journal contains tabs, where you will find the required updates very quickly.

  • History - all updates and comments
  • Comments - only comments
  • Spent time - all logged time on this task sorted by date
  • Revisions - repository commits associated with the task


Project always selectable when creating a task

When you are on a project and click New Task, you will still be able to select a different project rather than the current one. Although the current project is preselected. You must have project selection enabled in administration >> settings >> task tracking.


New token in Help Desk email templates

After the recently added %task_history% which includes the whole task history into the email sent to the client, we have added token which adds only the clients last update.

This template consists of the current comment made by the support operator, a custom and formatted text, signature of the support operator and the last comment made by the client.

This way the email correspondence via ticket will be built just like standard email communication with the last one always showed beneath the current.


Repeating tasks improvement

Repeating tasks are useful, but they may cause sort of overcrowding of your task lists and false information. Picture this situation: You create a task on 1st February. It is a regular task, which you must take care of on the 1st of every month. So you assign it to yourself and set as repeating. Every month a new copy of this task will be created, assigned to you and dates set according to the date when created. So far so good.

However, you must keep the original task open in order for the repetitions to be created in an open status. This means that you have a long overdue task assigned to yourself in order to keep the repetitions running correctly - if you closed it, you will not see the repetitions.

The solution: just close the original task without using the status for repeating. Repeating tasks have a new option on updating.

In this case, I can change status to Done, but if I leave the Use for repeating box unticked, this change will not take effect on the repetitions. New tasks will be created standardly as New, before this change.


Agile board - sort backlog tasks by priority

On project backlog and Sprint backlog, you are able to sort tasks by priority with a single click.

Tasks with same priority are sorted by task ID (order of creation). Tasks for backlog can not be sorted manually - it is a standard query just shown in a different way.


Create a page template from any homepage

While editing any homepage or project overview page, you can directly generate a template from it. This is very useful, when you want to check the page while setting it on a specific user/project.

Creating a template standardly does't allow you to see the full results of the module configuration (tasks from filter, personal spent time,..)


Task ID on first place on page header

This is most useful, if you work with multiple browser tabs open. And you need to locate the correct one with a specific task.


New actions on Action buttons

Change assignee to <<Author>>, <<Last Assignee>>, <<None>>.

Change sprint to...

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